What does OSD Full Form, Meaning, And Definition

Do you want to know, What Does OSD Stand For?, In this post, we are going to learn about The full form of OSD in government, Not only this, But you will also come to know the Meaning of OSD in Different Categories? and also what are the Abbreviations of OSD ka Full Form? So You should read this post till the End?

Full Form of OSD » Officer On Special Duty

OSD Stands for Officer On Special Duty. OSD is a part of the special officer in Government. authorized by the government to carry out certain functions and duties. Since British Colonial Rule in India, OSD (Officer On Special Duty) personnel have been deployed in 1931, these OSD were appointed as Government officer for confidential work.

There is no post of OSD (Officer On Special Duty) in the Indian government, state government, or Indian Civil Services. instead, Best government officer is appointed for certain period of time according to his performance.

Criteria for Appointing an OSD

manally, there are two Criteria for Appointing an OSD officers

  • an officer does special and good work for the government while in his post, he can be selected for OSD.
  • Whenever there is a responsibility of any kind of special task on the government, then in that situation, it fulfills that task completely by sending some officer as OSD.

Full Form of OSD in Computer » On-Screen Display

PPS Stands for On-Screen Display. osd is display technology system that provides display information to the driver and passengers. The OSD can be used to access the aircraft’s flight computer, allowing the pilot to perform tasks such as programming waypoints into the system’s navigation database or adjusting the aircraft’s flight plan while in-flight.

The OSD can also be used to access the aircraft’s navigational database, allowing the pilot to review current position and altitude, as well as to determine the aircraft’s current position on a digital map.. The ODS is the starting point for everything that happens in the car, so it’s no surprise that it has become one of the most important technologies in vehicles today.

OSD is used as an acronym to represent Officer On Special Duty or On-Screen Display. But, OSD has many Full-Forms listed in different categories below the table.

TermsOSD Full Form
OSDObject Storage Device
Computing » Hardware
OSDObsessive Sneaker Disorder
Internet » Websites
OSDOccupational Skill Development
Community » Educational
OSDOffice for Students with Disabilities
Academic & Science » Students
OSDOffice of Scholar Development
Community » Educational
OSDOffice of the Secretary of Defense
Governmental » Military
OSDOfficer on Special Duty
Governmental » Military
OSDOld School Democrat
Governmental » Politics
OSDOn-Screen Display
Academic & Science » Electronics
OSDOn-screen System Display
Computing » Hardware
OSDOpen Source Definition
Computing » Cyber & Security
OSDOperating Strength Deviation
Governmental » Military
OSDOperational Sequence Diagram
Governmental » Military
OSDOrder for Snapes Defence
Community » News & Media
OSDOrganization and Staff Development
Community » Development
OSDOriginal Story Debate
Community » News & Media
OSDOscillator Strength Distribution
Academic & Science » Electronics
OSDOutsourced Software Development
Computing » General Computing
OSDOver-Sampling Depth
Academic & Science » Electronics
OSDOverages, Shortages, and Damages
Business » Accounting

What does OSD stand for?

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