Natan Meaning, Definition & Synonyms

Natan Meaning in English

Meaning: God has given

Definition✎: Natan is a name of Hebrew origin, and it is commonly given to boys. It carries the meaning of “giver” or “gift from God” in Hebrew culture.

Pronunciation🔊: [Nah-tahn]

Natan Synonyms

  • “Natan” is a personal name and does not have synonyms

Natan Antonyms

  • “Natan” is a personal name and does not have antonyms

Examples Use of Natan in a Sentence

  1. “Natan was named after his grandfather, who was known for his generosity.”
  2. “The name Natan is quite common among Hebrew-speaking communities.”
  3. “Natan’s parents believed that he would bring blessings to their family.”