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The Full Form of NAAC: National Assessment And Accreditation Council

NAAC stands for National Assessment And Accreditation Council. NAAC is an autonomous body created under the University Grants Commission (UGC) that evaluates and accredits higher education institutions (HEIs) based on their score grading. In other words, NAAC assesses HEIs on their curriculum, faculty, infrastructure, research, and other parameters.

NAAC rates educational institutions from A++ to C. If an educational institution receives a D grade, it means it is not a recognized institution.

The web portal of the All India Survey has listed 1,043 universities and 42,343 colleges, of which 406 universities and 8,686 colleges are accredited by NAAC.

The state of Maharashtra has the highest number of NAAC-accredited colleges, with 1,869, followed by Karnataka with 914 accredited colleges. Tamil Nadu has the highest number of NAAC-accredited universities, with 43.

Other Acronyms, and meaning of NAAC

NAACNational Accreditation And Authority CouncilGovernmental
NAACNational Archival Authorities CooperativeGovernmental
NAACNorth American Association For The CatechumenateCommunity
NAACNorth American Air CharterMiscellaneous
NAACNaval Academy Aquatic ClubAcademic&Science
NAACNakamichi Auto Azimuth CorrectionMiscellaneous
NAACNational Association For Athletics ComplianceSports
NAACNational Anemia Action CouncilGovernmental
NAACNorth American Association Of The CatechumenateCommunity
NAACNative American Advancement CorporationBusiness
NAACNative American Advisory CommitteeBusiness
NAACNational Albanian American CouncilGovernmental
NAACNational Assessment AndMiscellaneous
NAACNorthwest Area Arts CouncilGovernmental
NAACNorth Atlantic Audi ClubCommunity
NAACNational Association For Alternative CertificationBusiness
NAACNational Academy Of Ambulance CodingAcademic & Science
NAACNational Academy Of Ambulance ComplianceAcademic & Science
NAACNational Appellate Advocacy CompetitionMiscellaneous


What does NAAC stand for?

NAAC stands for “National Assessment And Accreditation Council “.

What is the meaning of NAAC?

The meaning of NAAC is “National Assessment And Accreditation Council “.

What is the full form of NAAC?

The Full Form of NAAC is “National Assessment And Accreditation Council “.

What does NAAC mean?

NAAC means “National Assessment And Accreditation Council “.

What is the NAAC Meaning?

The NAAC means “National Assessment And Accreditation Council “.

What is the NAAC Full Form

NAAC is a term that stands for “National Assessment And Accreditation Council“.

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