All Keyboard Shortcuts of Microsoft Word for Windows and Mac OS

every single time we create any soft copy document then we need a word processing application and ms word one of them. well, in this post we learn about Useful Shortcut Keys Of Microsoft Word. and I am sure that these all ms word shortcut key pdf will help you to Speed Up Your Work and save your time also. so read this post till the end.

A to Z MS Word Shortcut Keys pdf list

Microsoft word is a word processing application program that allows editing, opening, and formating text document. If you have to use the mouse again and again, then Your typing speed and word keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time.

so, here are, All of the Best Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts pdf lists that will help you to create or edit your document easily. let’s learn about A to Z Shortcut Key In Ms word.

MS word shortcutKey Function
Ctrl+ASelect all the contents of the page.
Ctrl+BBold the selected text.
Ctrl+CTo Copy the text
Ctrl+DTo change the font setting.
Ctrl+EAlign the text to the center.
Ctrl+FTo Open Find box
Ctrl+GTo go directly to any page or line.
Ctrl+HTo replace a word.
Ctrl+IItalicize the selected text.
Ctrl+JTo justify the paragraph.
Ctrl+KTo insert Hyperlink
Ctrl+LAlign Text to Left.
Ctrl+MIndent (left) the paragraph.
Ctrl+NCreate a new document
Ctrl+OTo Open document
Ctrl+PTo open the Print window.
Ctrl+QTo end the indent
Ctrl+RAlign the text to the right.
Ctrl+STo Save Document
Ctrl+TCreate a hanging indent.
Ctrl+UUnderline the selected text.
Ctrl+VTo Paste the selected text
Ctrl+WTo Close
Ctrl+XTo Cut  the selected text
Ctrl+Shift+LCreate a bullet point.
Ctrl+Shift+FChange the font. (Ctrl+D)
Ctrl+Shift+>Tncrease Font size +1pts up to 12pt and then +2pts.
Ctrl+]+1pts for increasing the font size.
Ctrl+Shift+<Decrease font size -1pts.
Ctrl+[to reduce the font size -1pts
Ctrl+/+cInsert a cent sign (¢).
Ctrl + =To Subscript (X2)
Ctrl + Shift + +To Superscript (X2)
Alt + HHome
Alt + NInsert
Alt + PPage Layout
Alt + SReferences
Alt + MMailings
Alt + RReview

Function F1 to F12 keys shortcut for Ms word

you all know about Microsoft Word shortcut keys. now we learn about Function short cut keys for MS Word such as F1, F2 to F12. These all F1 to F12 key shortcuts for Ms word helps you to do document tasks more efficiently and swiftly.

Function KeysFunction
F1Get Help or visit
F2Move text or graphics.
F4Repeat the last action.
F5Choose the Go To command (Home tab).
F6Go to the next pane or frame.
F7Choose the Spelling command (Review tab).
F8Extend a selection.
F9Update the selected fields.
F10Show KeyTips.
F11Go to the next field.
F12Choose the Save As command.
Ctrl+Function Keys :-
Ctrl+F1Expand or collapse the ribbon.
Ctrl+F2Choose the Print Preview command.
Ctrl+F3Cut to the Spike.
Ctrl+F4Close the window.
Ctrl+F6Go to the next window.
Ctrl+F9Insert an empty field.
Ctrl+F10Maximize the document window.
Ctrl+F11Lock a field.
Ctrl+F12Choose the Open command.
Shift+Function Keys:-
Shift+F1Start context-sensitive Help or reveal formatting.
Shift+F2Copy text.
Shift+F3Change the case of letters.
Shift+F4Repeat a Find or Go To action.
Shift+F5Move to the last change.
Shift+F6Go to the previous pane or frame (after pressing F6).
Shift+F7Choose the Thesaurus command (Review tab, Proofing group).
Shift+F8Reduce the size of a selection.
Shift+F9Switch between a field code and its result.
Shift+F10Display a shortcut menu.
Shift+F11Go to the previous field.
Shift+F12Choose the Save command.

Download MS Word Shortcut key Pdf list

In the above section, we have learned about a lot of keyboard shortcuts. but here are a complete list of the popular MS Word shortcuts keys for navigation key, Characters, and Paragraphs, Change Paragraph Alignment shortcut, Line Spacing shortcut, Mail Merge, and Fields shortcut, etc. these all combination of keys on your keyboard helps to enhance your workflow and save your time.

MS Word navigation Shortcut keys
Arrow LeftOne character to the left
Arrow RightOne character to the right
Ctrl+Arrow LeftOne word to the left
Ctrl+Arrow RightOne word to the right
Ctrl+Arrow UpOne paragraph up
Ctrl+Arrow DownOne paragraph down
Shift+TabOne cell to the left (in a table)
TabOne cell to the right (in a table)
Arrow UpUp one line
Arrow DownDown one line
EndTo the end of a line
HomeTo the beginning of a line
Alt+Ctrl+Page UpTo the top of the window
Alt+Ctrl+Page DownTo the end of the window
Page UpUp one screen (scrolling)
Page DownDown one screen (scrolling)
Ctrl+Page DownTo the top of the next page
Ctrl+Page UpTo the top of the previous page
Ctrl+EndTo the end of a document
Ctrl+HomeTo the beginning of a document
Shift+F5To a previous revision
Format Characters and Paragraphs
Ctrl+Shift+QChange the selection to the Symbol font.
Ctrl+Shift+AFormat all letters as capitals.
Ctrl+ = (Equal Sign)Apply subscript formatting
Ctrl+IApply italic formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+ + (Plus Sign)Apply superscript formatting
Ctrl+DOpen the Font dialog box
Ctrl+Shift+HApply hidden text formatting.
Ctrl+SpaceRemove manual character formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+DDouble-underline text.
Ctrl+UApply an underline.
Shift+F3Change the case of letters.
Ctrl+Shift+WUnderline words but not spaces.
Ctrl+Shift+KFormat letters as small capitals.
Ctrl+BApply bold formatting.
Ms Word Change Paragraph Alignment shortcut
Ctrl+ESwitch a paragraph between centered and left-aligned.
Ctrl+JSwitch a paragraph between justified and left-aligned.
Ctrl+RSwitch a paragraph between right-aligned and left-aligned.
Ctrl+LLeft aligns a paragraph.
Ctrl+MIndent a paragraph from the left.
Ctrl+Shift+MRemove a paragraph indent from the left.
Ctrl+TCreate a hanging indent.
Ctrl+Shift+TReduce a hanging indent.
Ctrl+QRemove paragraph formatting.
Line Spacing shortcut key
Ctrl+1To set Single-space lines.
Ctrl+2To set Double-space lines.
Ctrl+5To set 1.5-line spacing.
Ctrl+0To add or remove one line space preceding a paragraph.
Mail Merge and Fields shortcut
Alt+Shift+EEdit a mail-merge data document.
Alt+Shift+MPrint the merged document.
Alt+Shift+KTo Preview a mail merge.
Alt+Shift+NMerge a document.
Alt+Shift+FInsert a merge field.

keyboard shortcuts of microsoft word for Mac os

Not only, windows but Mac os user also use Microsoft word. keyboard shortcuts on Mac os and Windows is something different. but dear MacOs user here is good news for you, here are the best Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts for Windows and macOS. so let’s learn about the Ms-word shortcut for macOS

Shortcut for Mac OsFunctions
⌘ + NOpen New Word Document
⌘ + OOpen Existing Word Document
⌘ + SSave a Word Document
⌘ + Shift + SSave As a Word Document
⌘ + PPrint a File
⌘ + POpen Print Preview
⌘ + WClose a Word Document
⌘ + QClose MS Word
⌘ + F4Close Specific Word file
⌘ + ZUndo
⌘ + YRe-do
Move cursor one character to left
Move cursor one character to the right
Move cursor one character up
Move cursor one character down
Option + ◄Move cursor one word to left
Option + ►Move cursor one word to the right
⌘ + ▲Move cursor one paragraph up
⌘ + ▼Move cursor one paragraph down
⌘ + ►Move the cursor to the end of a line
⌘ + ◄Move the cursor to the beginning of a line
⌘ + Fn + ►Move the cursor to the bottom of the screen
⌘ + Fn + ◄Move the cursor to the top of the screen
Page UpScroll Up document by one screen
Page DnScroll down document by one screen
SHFT + F5Move the cursor to the previous insertion point
⌘ + XCut select content to Clipboard
⌘ + CCopy select content to Clipboard
⌘ + VPaste select content to Clipboard
⌘ + Option + Shift + VPaste Clipboard content with matching format
⌘ + CTRL + VDisplay the Paste Special dialog
⌘ + F3Cut selected content to Spike
⌘ + Shift + F3Paste select content of Spike
⌘ + CTRL + MInsert graphics
⌘ + F3Find
⌘ + KInsert hyperlink
⌘ + ]Increase Font size by one unit
⌘ + [Decrease Font size by one unit
⌘ + Shift + >Increase Font size
⌘ + Shift + <Decrease Font size by one unit
⌘ + BBold
⌘ + IItallic
⌘ + UUnderscore
⌘ + Shift + WUnderline for words
⌘ + Shift + XStrikethrough
Fn + Shift + F3Change letter case
⌘ + ECenter Align Text
⌘ + LLeft Align Text
⌘ + RRight Align Text
⌘ + JJustify Text
⌘ + Shift + LApple List Style
⌘ + =Apply subscript format
⌘ + Shift + =Apple supersubscript
⌘ + Shift + AAll Captial Letters
⌘ + Option + AInsert a comment
⌘ + Option + FInsert a footnote
⌘ + Option + EInsert a endnote
CTRL + Shift + DInsert Date Field
CTRL + Shift + TInsert Time field
CTRL + Shift + LInsert list field
Option + GInsert copyright symbol
Option + 2Insert Trademark symbol
Shift + EnterInsert Line break
⌘ + 1Set line space to single
⌘ + 5Set line spacing to 1.5
⌘ + 2Set double spacing for line
⌘ + Option + LOpen Spellcheck
Fn + Shift + F7Open Thesaurus


Well, every single computer user uses Microsoft Word to create, document, resume, and office projects So, in that article a collection of ms word keyboard shortcuts for Windows and macOS. we are sure that, if you will read these all Microsoft Word pc shortcuts keys, then it will helpful for you,