Kusha Meaning, Definition & Synonyms

Meaning & Definition of Kusha

Noun: “Kusha” (कुश) is a Hindi word that refers to a type of grass or reed. It is often used for making mats, seat cushions, or as a material for thatching roofs.

pronunciation of Kusha

Pronunciation: /kuːʃə/ (Listen: Kusha Pronunciation)



  • Reed (घास
  • Grass (घास
  • Straw (सुखा घास
  • Hay (खाली
  • Fiber (तंतु
  • Rush (जल की ओर बढ़ना
  • Sedge (कीचड़ की ओर बढ़ना
  • Bulrush (बुलरश

Kusha Antonyms


  • Hardwood (कठिन लकड़ी
  • Metal (धातु
  • Stone (पत्थर
  • Concrete (कंक्रीट

Examples of Kusha in a Sentence

  • Noun Form:
    1. He covered the roof of the house with kusha.
    2. Kusha is used to make mats.
    3. Various types of seat cushions are available that make your sofas comfortable.
  • Adjective Form:
    1. He uses a kusha mat to cover the bucket.
    2. A kusha mat is very comfortable during summers as it provides coolness.