Full Form of ISTG meaning in texting

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Full Form of ISTG: I Swear To God

ISTG Stands for I Swear To God. ISTG is a common internet chat slang that is used in text messaging and online chat for Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

ISTG (I Swear To God) shows an oath or promise to God. it is used for emphasis to a statement such as a threat, excuse promise, or apology For example:

  • You are a cheater, ISTG, I can’t trust you.
  • ISTG will never eat junk food.
  • ISTG I will never tell a lie.

There are some of the most commonly used acronyms, abbreviations, full forms, and the ISTG meaning are listed in different categories below the table.

TermsFull Forms
ISTGI Swear To God
Chat Texting
ISTGImmigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
ISTGI Stan This Group
ISTGInformation Storage Technology Group
ISTGIrish Surgical Training Group
ISTGInter-Site Topology Generator