The Full Form of ISI Meaning in medical

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Full Form of ISI in Medical: Insulin Sensitivity Index

ISI Stands for Insulin Sensitivity Index. It describes, how well our body uses insulin to control our blood sugar. In people with insulin resistance, the body has trouble using insulin to lower blood sugar.

When the body does not use insulin effectively, blood sugar levels can become elevated, which may result in diabetes and other health problems.

The Insulin Sensitivity Index (SSI) is calculated by dividing a fasting glucose value (mg/dL) by fasting insulin (pmol/L).

  • A result is a number between 0 and 1. A value of 1 indicates full insulin resistance (the fasting glucose level is higher than the fasting insulin level)
  • A value of 0 indicates full insulin sensitivity (the fasting glucose level is lower than the fasting insulin level).

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