1000+ Inventions, discovery and their Inventors Related to Science

In history, there are different types of inventions and discoveries are invent related to Physics, chemistry, and biology. these all science-related inventions and their inventors change the world and human lives also.

There is a lot of biology-related invention that helps to save the human being such as the Invention of the Influenza Vaccine, Invention of Smallpox Vaccine, Invention of Polio Vaccine, Invention of Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B Vaccines, Invention of Insulin, etc. and the below, these type of 1000+ science, biology, physics, and chemistry-related invention are listed.

Important Inventions and their Inventors in Biology

There are thousands of Great Biological Discoveries that Revolutionized Life Science. such as vaccines, Vitamins, Viruses, and Bacteria, These are the most important inventions in biology. let’s explore Inventions & Discoveries in Biology.

Invention and DiscoveryInventorInvention year
AnesthesiaWilliam Thomas Green Morton.1846
Anti-pregnancy pillsGoodwin Pincus1960
Antiseptic SurgeryDr.Joseph Lister1867
AspirinDr.Felix Hoffmann1899
ATPKarl Lohmann.1929
Automated DNA SequencerLloyd M.Smith.1986
BacteriaAntoine Van Leeuwenhoek1665
Bacteria of leprosyGerhard Hansen1873
Bacteria of typhoidJoseph Eberth1880
BCG VaccineAlbert Calmette & Camille Guerin.1921
Biology of CancerRobert A.Weinberge1982
Blood CirculationWilliam Harvey1928
Blood groups (ABO group)Karl Landsteiner1927
CalciumHumphry Davy.1808
CancerPercivall Pott1775
CellRobert Hooke.1665
Cell DivisionHugo von Mohl1835
Cell Division by meiosisOskar Hertwig1876
Cell NucleusRobert Brown1831
Cell TheorySchleiden and Schwann1839
ChloroformJames Simpson1847
ChloromycetinPaul Burkholder1947
Chloroquine (drug)Hans Anderson1934
Cholera BacteriaRobert Koch1883
Cholera VaccineWaldemar Mordecai Haffkine1892
DDTPaul Hermann Muller1939
Diphtheria BacteriaEdwin Klebs and Loffler1983-84
DNA Helical structureWatson & Crick.1952
Electrocardiogram(ECG)Willem Einthoven1895
electroencephalography (EEG)Hans Berger1929
EnzymeAnselme Payen1883
Father of Modern EcologyEugene Odum1953
Father of EcologyAlexander Von Humboldt1946
Father of EvolutionCharles Darwin1858
Father of GeneticsGregor Mendel1865
First test-tube babyRobert Edward & Patrick Steptoe1978
Five Kingdom classificationRobert H. Whittaker.1969
Genetic CodeHargobind Kharana1960
Heart TransplantationChristiaan Barnard1967
Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B VaccinesMaurice Hillman
Hepatitis B vaccinePablo Valenzuela1986
Hepatitis B virusDr. Blumberg1965
HIV VirusLuc Montagnier1983
HomeopathSamuel Hahnemann1796
HormoneE. H. Starling & W. M. Bayliss secretin1902
Rabies vaccinationLouis Pasteur1885
InsulinSir Frederick Banting and Best1923
Kidney DialysisWillem Johan Kolff1943
Lysergic Acid DiethylamideAlbert Hofmann1938
Malaria parasiteRonald Ross1897
measles vaccineMaurice Hillman
MicrobesAntoine van Leeuwenhoek
& Rober Hook.
Microbes Of malariaCharles Laveran1880
Open Heart SurgeryC.Walton Lillehei1952
PenicillinAlexander Fleming1928
Plague VaccineWaldemar Mordecai Haffkine1897
Pneumonia VaccineMaurice Hillman
Polio DropAlbert Sabin.1961
Polio VaccineJones E. Salk1955
Rabis & Anthrax VaccinationLouis Pasteur1885
Reserpine (drug)Jal Vakil1952
Rh- factorLandsteiner and Wiener1940
RNAWatson and Arthur1961
RNA StructureAlexander Rich1956
Rotavirus VaccinePaul Offit
Small PoxEdward Jenner (Father of vaccine)1796
Smallpox vaccineEdward Jenner1796
Spiral Structure of proteinLines Pauling1951
StethoscopeRene Laennec1816
StreptomycinSelman Waksman1944
Structure of DNAWatson and Crick1950
TB BacteriaRobert Koch1882
TerramycinFinlay and Hobby1949
Three Kingdom classificationErnst Haeckel1860
Treatment of beriberiChristiaan Eijkman1897
Treatment of diabetesJoseph Mering andoskar Minkowski1889
Treatment of kala azarUpendra Nath Brahmachari1922
Treatment of SyphilisPaul Ehrlich1910
VaccinationEdward Jenner1796
Virology(Science of Virus)Dmitri Ivanovsky and Bejernick1892
VirusDmitri Ivanovsky & Martinus Beijerinck1892
VitaminCasimir Funk & Hopkins1912
Vitamin AMc Collum and Marguerite Davis1913
Vitamin BMecollum and Casimir Funk1916
Vitamin B1Christian Eijkman1897
Vitamin B2D. T. Smith, E. G. Hendrick1926
Vitamin B6Paul Gyorgy1934
Vitamin CSzent Gyorgyi1920
Vitamin DEdward Mellanby1920
Vitamin EHerbert McLean Evans and S. Bishop1922
Folic acidLucy Wills1928
Vitamin kHenrik Dam1929
Vitamin NiacinConrad Elvehjem1937
X-rayVoilhesm Rontgen.1895
inventions and discoveries Related to Biology

List of Inventions and Discoveries in Chemistry

Chemistry is a scientific discipline that deals with the properties of matter. It involves the study of how matter reacts with other substances and forms reactions. so, in the below table Important Discoveries and Inventions in Chemistry, let’s learn about Famous Chemistry Scientists And Their Inventions

InventionInventorInvention year
OxygenAntoine Laurent Lavoisier
& Joseph Priestley
CoulombCharles Augustin de Coulomb1779
Chemical StructureAugust Kekule1958
ProtonErnest Rutherford1919
Neon GasWilliamRamsay, Morris Travers1898
Liquid OxygenKarol Olszewski and Zygmunt Wroblewski1883
NylonDr. Wallace H. Carothers1935
RadiumMarie & Pierre Curie1898
Periodic Table of ElementsDmitri Mendeleev1869
Atomic StructureNeils Bohr and Rutherford1913
Uranium FissionSzilard Fermi1942
Radioactivity of UraniumHenry Becquerel1896
HeliumWilliam Ramsay1868
ChloroformE. Soberran1831
Thermionic EmissionThomas Edison1880
Atom/ Atomic TheoryJohn Dalton1808
Neutron bombSamuel Cohen1958
Atomic NumberHenry Mosley1913
Law of MotionIsaac Newton1687
Electromagnetic InductionMichael Faraday1831
Atomic PhysicsErnest Rutherford1911
PhotonAlbert Einstein1905
Organic ChemistryFriedrich Wohler1828
RelativityAlbert Einstein1905
Ohm’s LawGeorg Simon Ohm1827
ElectronJ.J. Thomson1897
RayonSir Joseph swan1883
NeutronJames Chadwick1932
Radioactive Dating(Isotope of carbon)Willard Libby1946
Nuclear ReactorEnrico Fermi1942
Quantum theoryMax Planck1900
Photoelectric EffectHeinrich Rudolf Hertz1905
BismuthClaude Geoffroy1753
HydrogenHenry Cavendish1766
Nuclear FissionOtto Hahn, Bohr and Fermi1938
Neon LampGeorges Claude1810
RadioactivityHenri Becquerel1896
Hydrogen bombEdward Teller1952
Important Inventions & Discoveries in chemistry

The Most Important Discoveries and Inventions in Physics

Physics is that branch of science, in which various forms of energy and their interactions with matter are studied. It has now been proved by continuous scientific studies that the universe is made up of matter and energy and that everything that occupies space is called matter. here is the complete list of Inventions & Inventors in Physics.

Invention in physicsInventorInvention Year
Law of refraction
(Snell’s law)
Willebrord Snell1621
SodiumHumphrey Davy
NeutronJames Chadwick1932
BoronHumphrey Davy
PlutoniumGlenn T. Seaborg Edwin Macmillan
Joseph W. Kennedy
Arthur Whalle
X RaysWilhelm Roentgen1895
Quantum TheoryMax Plank1900
Laws of MotionSir Isaac Newton1687
Electromagnetic InductionMichael Faraday1831
Diode BulbSir J.S Fleming1904
RadioactivityAntoine Henri Becquerel1896
Principle of Relativity,
Explained Brownian motion,
Photoelectric Effect
Albert Einstein1905
ActiniumAndre-Louis DeBearn
Periodic TableDmitry Mendeleev. read full
RadiumMarie Sklodowska Curie1898
DynamiteAlfred Nobel1867
NeonSir William Ramsay
M.W. Towers
Wireless TelegraphyG. Marconi1901
Atomic StructureNeil Bohr & Rutherford1913
KryptonSir William Ramsay
M.W. Towers
UraniumMartin Heinrich Klaproth
MagnesiumHumphrey Davy
Mach NumberErnst Mach1929
Photography on paperWilliam Henry Fox Talbot1835
AtomJohn Dalton1808
ElectronJ.J. Thomson1897
RadiumMarie Curie
Pierre Curie
Periodic TableDimitri Ivanovich Mendeleev1869
Law of Electric Resistance
Ohm’s Law
Georg Simon Ohm1827
BariumHumphrey Davy
ArgonSir William Ramsay
Lord Rayleigh
PotassiumHumphrey Davy
PoloniumMarie Curie
XenonSir William Ramsay
M.W. Towers
Concept of Pressure
(Pascal’s law)
Blaise Pascalbetween 1646 and 1648
ThoriumJohns Jacob Berzelius
PhotonAlbert Einstein1905
Nuclear ReactorEnrico Fermi1942
CalciumHumphrey Davy
RadonSir William Ramsay
R. Withlaw-Gray
Formulation of Coulomb’s law,
Law of Electrostatic Attraction
Charles-Augustin de Coulomb1779
Archimedes’ principle,
Law of Buoyancy
HeliumSir William Ramsay
PT Cleve
N. Langlet
Raman EffectC.V Raman1928
Important Discoveries and Inventions in Physics

40+ Inventions, discoveries Related to Science

Well, in this post we learn about some important physics, biology, and chemistry-related invention that are the milestone of science that helps human being to understand the theory and principle of matters and medical science. we hope science-related inventions and discoveries help to know the great inventions.