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The Full Form of ICDS: Integrated Child Development Services

ICDS stands for Integrated Child Development Services. The ICDS scheme was launched by the Government of India in 1975. The objective of this was to provide an integrated package of health, nutrition, and educational services to children up to 6 years of age, pregnant women, and lactating women. ICDS works in 4 different phases

  • Early Childhood Care Education and Development (ECCED)
  • care and nutrition counseling
  • health services
  • Community Mobilization Awareness, Advocacy, and Information, Education, and Communication Objectives

Other Acronyms, and meaning of ICDS

ICDSIntegrated Child Development ServicesGovernmental
ICDSIbn Khaldoun Center For Development StudiesAcademic & Science
ICDSIntegrated Care Delivery SystemMiscellaneous
ICDSInteroffice Connecting Digital SpanMiscellaneous
ICDSIncome Computation And Disclosure StandardsMiscellaneous
ICDSInternational Coeliac Disease SymposiumMedical
ICDSIntegrated Cockpit Display SystemsTechnology
ICDSIntegrated Child Development SchemeCommunity
ICDSInternational Centre For Defence And SecurityMiscellaneous
ICDSIncome Computation And Disclosure StandardMiscellaneous
ICDSIntegrated Care And Discharge SupportMedical
ICDSInstitute Of Chemical Dependency StudiesAcademic & Science
ICDSInternational Center For Development StudiesCommunity
ICDSIce Coring And Drilling ServicesAcademic & Science
ICDSInternational Cosplay Day SingaporeMiscellaneous
ICDSImproved Container Delivery SystemGovernmental
ICDSInstitute Of Chemical Dependancy StudiesAcademic & Science
ICDSInternational Conference On Defects In SemiconductorsInternational
ICDSInternational Cell Death SocietyInternational

Related FAQs

What does ICDS stand for?

ICDS stands for “Integrated Child Development Services “.

What is the meaning of ICDS?

The meaning of ICDS is “Integrated Child Development Services “.

What is the full form of ICDS in medical?

The Full Form of ICDS is “Integrated Child Development Services ” in terms of medical.

Icds Full Form in Accounting?

In the context of Accounting policy ICDS means “Income Computation and Disclosure Standard“. The Income Computation and Disclosure Standard is an income tax standard that deals with the computation, disclosure and management of income under Indian income tax law. It is an attempt to improve the rules, regularity and income tax assessment for standard income tax payment.

What is the ICDS Meaning in Taxation?

The ICDS means “Income Computation and Disclosure Standards ” in terms of Taxation.

What is the ICDS Full Form in Technology

ICDS is a term in technology that stands for “Integrated Cockpit Display Systems”.

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