What is ICAR Full Form, Meaning, And Definition

The Full Form of ICAR: Indian Council of Agriculture Research

ICAR stands for Indian Council of Agriculture Research. ICAR is an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Agriculture in India. It was established on July 16, 1929, as the “Imperial Council of Agricultural Research” and is headquartered in New Delhi.

Objective of ICAR

ICAR primarily works towards coordinating, guiding, and managing research, education, and extension activities in the areas of animal husbandry, horticulture, and agriculture. In 1974, the first agricultural science center was established under Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in Puducherry. Presently, there are approximately 716 agricultural science centers in India.

The main objective of ICAR is to integrate agriculture with science and make agriculture better through the use of science. According to the experts of this council, Indian agriculture works entirely on the basis of scientific processes, and if we work with the principles of science, then good agriculture can be done with less effort.

Similar meaning of ICAR

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ICARInvestigation and Corrective Action ReportGovernmental
ICARIndian Council of Agriculture ResearchCommunity
ICARInternational Center for Aggregates ResearchAcademic & Science
ICARInformation Centre about Asylum and RefugeesMiscellaneous
ICARInstitute for Conflict Analysis ResolutionGovernmental
ICARInternational Center for Accountancy ReformBusiness
ICARInternational Committee for Animal RecordingInternational
ICARInternational Commission for Alpine RescueInternational
ICARInternational Corporate Accountability RoundtableInternational
ICARInternational Center for Accounting ReformBusiness
ICARInternational Congress on Animal ReproductionAssociations/Orgs
ICARInternational Center for Abduction ResearchAcademic & Science
ICARInternational Conference on Advanced RoboticsCommunity
ICARIndividual Contract Action ReportMiscellaneous
ICARIntreprinderea de Constructii Aeronautice RomaneBusiness
ICARInternational Cognitive Ability ResourceInternational
ICARIndian Council of Agricultural ResearchAssociations/Orgs
ICARInternational Centre for Asset RecoveryAssociations/Orgs
ICARIntegrated Command Accounting and Reporting SystemGovernmental