Hukum Meaning, Definition & Synonyms

Hukum Definition and Meaning

Noun:Hukum” (हुकुम) is a Hindi word that translates to “order” or “command” in English. It refers to an authoritative directive or instruction given by someone in authority.

pronunciation of Hukum

Pronunciation: /huːˈkʊm/ (Listen: Hukum Pronunciation)



  • Order (आदेश)
  • Command (आदेश)
  • Directive (निर्देश)
  • Decree (आदेश)
  • Edict (क़ानूनी आदेश)
  • Mandate (आदेश)
  • Injunction (निर्देश)
  • Dictum (नियमन)

Hukum Antonyms


  • Disobedience (अनुशासन अल्पावसर)
  • Refusal (अस्वीकृति)
  • Opposition (विरोध)
  • Defiance (अवज्ञा)
  • Rebellion (विद्रोह)

Examples of Hukum in a Sentence

  • Noun Form:
    1. The government has announced new business regulations.
    2. You must obey their orders.
    3. These days, social media is a significant platform for expressing thoughts and opinions.
  • Verb Form:
    1. The Prime Minister ordered the people of the country to stay vigilant.
    2. He used to give orders to his servants for work under his command.