The Full Form of Helmet Meaning, and Definition 

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The Full Form of Helmet: HelMet

Helmet Stands for HelMet (Head Ear Lips Mouth Eyes Teeth). actually, Helmet is not an Acronym so, it has does not any full form. A helmet is a piece of personal protective equipment designed to protect your head from impact.

Helmets are typically made of hard materials like plastic or metal, and they’re often worn by athletes, soldiers, and construction workers. Wearing a helmet can help reduce the risk of head injuries in the event of an accident.

A Brief History Behind the helmet

The Helmet is a medieval word that comes from the word Helm. The first evidence of helmets was found in the Sumerian and Mesopotamian civilizations in 2500 BC.

The people of that time used helmets made of thick leather or copper plates on their caps. At that time helmets were used to protect against sword and arrow attacks during the war.

Also, The mention of helmets in the Indian Vedas is found in 1620 BC, in the Indian Vedas, the helmet was called Shipra. Helmets were also used in the Roman Empire and were made of leather and iron.

Evidence of helmets has also been found in China, the world’s first metal helmet being the Shang Dynasty bronze helmet, derived from the Yin Ruins in Anyang, China. The design of this helmet is of an animal face pattern

In the modern era, the earliest evidence of helmets comes from England, with a 14th-century Prince Oven glider of Wales wearing a helmet on a seal. The fact that these people knew of helmets also suggests that they were familiar with helmets.

Helmet manufacturing began in the 20th century. It was in 1953 that American scientist CF Lombard created a high-impact helmet that was used for riding.

When were helmets used in cricket?

The purpose of the helmet is to protect the limbs, so it started being used in sports as well. A helmet was first used in the game of cricket in 1970.
Dennis Amis was the first player to wear a motorcycle helmet to bat.

After 1970, a special type of helmet was made for sports like cricket, which was first worn by Australian player Graham Yelp in 1978. In today’s present time there are many types of helmets that are used in different fields like

  • Industrial Helmet
  • Cricket Helmet
  • Fighting Helmet
  • Football Helmet
  • Bike Helmet
  • Betting Helmet
  • Racing Helmet
  • Cycle Helmet

Different Helmets color code means

Modern helmets come in different colors depending on the region. Color codes indicate different meanings for different colored helmets.

It is possible to determine a person’s profession by looking at the color of their helmet. Here we will know about some helmets according to their colors. So let’s know. How many types of helmets are there on the basis of color?

Helmet colorHelmet color means
White helmetFor Engineer and Supervisor
Yellow helmetFor Labor, Heavy Duty Workers
Gray helmetFor site inspector
Brown helmetFor the welder
Green helmetFor safety officer
Blue helmetFor electrician
Red helmetFor fire brigade
Pink helmetFor female workers
Different color code of helmet means