What is GPU Full Form, Meaning, Stand for, And Definition

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GPU » Graphics processing unit

GPU Stands for Graphics processing unit. GPU is a co-processor, which operates the calculation of all graphic or visual requirements of mobile phones and computers so that there is less load on the CPU.

All the work that happens on the screen of our phones such as Animation, Images, Video, Gaming, Swiping, Popup, 3d Animation, all such work is done with the help of mobile and computer GPU.

The processor manages whatever applications or programs run on mobile phones and computers, but the graphics of animations, videos, images, and games on the display are handled by the GPU.

TermsGPU Meaning
GPUGlobal Processing Unit
Miscellaneous » Other
GPUGirl Power Unit
Miscellaneous » Other
GPUGraphics Processing Unit
Computing » General Computing
GPUGround Power Unit
Governmental » NASA
GPUgraphical Processor Unit
Miscellaneous » Other
GPUGas Piston Upper
Miscellaneous » Other
GPUGraphic Process Unit
Miscellaneous » Other
GPUGraphics Processor Unit
Computing » Hardware
GPUGraphics Processing Units
GPUGlobal Photographic Union
Community » Unions
GPUGlobal Positioning Unit
Miscellaneous » Other
GPUGraphical Processing Unit
Computing » Hardware
GPUGas Particulate Unit
Miscellaneous » Other
GPUGeneral Purpose Unix
Computing » Software
Graphics Programming Unit
Computing » Software
GPUGoogle Penguin Update
Computing » IT
GPUGeneral Public Utilities
Miscellaneous » Other
GPUGraphic Processor Unit
Miscellaneous » Other
GPUGraphical Proprietary Unit
Miscellaneous » Other

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