FYI Meaning, Definition & Synonyms

FYI Meaning in English

Meaning: For Your Information

Definition✎: FYI is a brief way of saying, “I thought you should know” or “Here’s some information for you.” It is used to share facts, updates, or details with others without seeking a specific response or action.

Pronunciation🔊: eff-why-eye

Examples Use of FYI in a Sentence

  1. “FYI, the meeting has been rescheduled to next Monday.”
  2. “I thought I’d send you an FYI about the new policy changes.”
  3. “For your information, the event starts at 7 PM.”
  4. “FYI, there’s a traffic jam on the highway, so take an alternate route.”
  5. “Just an FYI, the deadline for submissions is approaching.”