What is CRN Full Form, Meaning, And Definition

The Full Form of CRN: Challan Reference Number

CRN stands for Challan Reference Number. CRN is a unique number assigned to each customer by their bank. It helps the bank to identify and manage the customer’s accounts easily. When a customer opens an account with a bank, they are given an account number as well as a CRN or CIF number. The CRN is unique to each customer, and some banks use CIF to refer to the CRN.

For example, if you have an account with Punjab National Bank with the account number 000754824***5485, and you also open a fixed deposit account or take a loan, you will be given different account numbers for each of those accounts. However, you will be given only one CRN or CIF number to manage all those accounts.

Uses Of CRN Number

When you register for online banking services, the bank will typically ask for your CRN or Customer Reference Number. This is a unique identifier that the bank uses to link all of your accounts together. So if you have a savings account, a current account, and an overdraft account, for example, they will all be linked to your CRN.

Using a CRN makes it easier for you to manage your accounts online because you don’t have to remember multiple account numbers or log in separately for each account. Instead, you can log in once with your CRN and access all of your accounts and their respective information, such as account balance, transaction history, and more.

It’s important to note that a CRN is different from other identification numbers, such as your PAN or Aadhaar number. A CRN is specific to the bank and is used internally for managing your accounts. So if you have accounts with multiple banks, you will have a different CRN for each bank.

Overall, the CRN is an important part of online banking services, as it allows you to easily manage and access all of your accounts in one place.

Similar meaning of CRN

There are some of the most commonly used acronyms, abbreviations, full forms, and the meaning of CRN are listed in different categories below the table.

CRNCustomer Reference NumberBusiness
CRNComputing Research NewsAcademic & Science
CRNCourt Reporting NetworkGovernmental
CRNNorfolk Southern Railway CompanyRegional
CRNCommercial Relocation NetworkMiscellaneous
CRNClinical Research NetworkMedical
CRNCourse Request NumberAcademic & Science
CRNCanadian Registration NumberRegional
CRNCareer Resource NetworkBusiness
CRNCornell Corrections, Inc.Business
CRNClass Reference NumberMiscellaneous
CRNCourse Registration NumberAcademic & Science
CRNCouncil on Renal Nutrition’sGovernmental
CRNComputer Registration NumberComputing
CRNCommunity Resource NetworkCommunity
CRNCongress Rental NetworkMiscellaneous
CRNClimate Reference NetworkAcademic & Science
CRNCooperative Research NetworkAcademic & Science
CRNChristmas Rock NightMiscellaneous
CRNContext Recognition NetworkMiscellaneous
CRNChildren’s Restoration NetworkMiscellaneous
CRNCompare with Random NumberComputing
CRNCouncil on RenalGovernmental

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