The Full Form of CPPS Meaning, and Definition 

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The Full Form of CPPS: Centralised Positive Pay System

CPPS stands for Centralised Positive Pay System. A centralized Positive Pay System (CPPs) is a new system introduced by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in order to improve the security of cheques.

Each cheque will be verified by the banks before it is cleared, including its account number, check number, and amount.

It will also go a long way toward helping to prevent check fraud and make the process of clearing checks more efficient and effective.

The Centralised Positive Pay System (CPPS) is a new interbank reconciliation system in India that operates on a centralized platform. The system was launched by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in December 2016.


Advantage of CPPS

Banks and their corporate customers use CPPS to enhance the efficiency of the reconciliation process between them and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

The system allows banks to reconcile their accounts with their customers on a centralized platform, thereby reducing the time and cost involved in the process.

The system is designed to work in real time and is available 24×7. It is available to all banks in India. As a result of the CPPS, the entire banking sector in India will become more efficient.

There are some of the most commonly used acronyms, abbreviations, full forms, and the CPPS meaning are listed in different categories below the table.

TermsFull Forms
CPPSChronic pelvic pain syndrome
CPPSClinical Pharmacology Problem Solving
CPPSChildren’s Psychological Processes Scale
CPPSCertified Professional Pet Sitter
CPPSCertificate in Professional Pet Sitting
CPPSCritical Path Planning and Scheduling
General Computing
CPPSCambridge Partnership for Plant Sciences
Academic & Science
CPPSCentral Payload Power Supply
CPPSClub Penguin Private Server
CPPSClutch Pedal Position Sensor
CPPSCertified Professional in Patient Safety
CPPSPermanent Commission for the South Pacific
Ocean Science
CPPS Full Forms