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The Full Form of CMD – Command Prompt

CMD Stands for Command Prompt. Command Prompt is a shell script that is used to execute commands. It can be used to execute commands on local and remote computers. It is a command-line interpreter application, which is used in CLI (Command-line interface) operating system. Command Prompt, sometimes known as command shell or simply cmd.exe. To open it, enter command or cmd in the search field from your taskbar. Then, click or tap on the Command Prompt result.

Command Prompt is used to execute the given commands with the help of batch files and scripts. Apart from this, command prompts are also used to remove problems associated with the implementation of Windows and for advanced administrative functions.

Cmd commands List For Windows Os

A windows user can use the CMD command to access any function and program of Os, these are the following commands, that you can easily use for operating your pc through these helpful cmd commands.

Cmd commands Description
attribdisplay file attributes
callcalls a batch file from another one
cdchange directory
chkdskcheck volumes
chkntfsdisplay/change volume check at startup
clsclear screen
cmdstart command prompt
colorchange console color
compcompare file contents
compactdisplay/change file compression
copy / xcopycopy files
dateshow/set date
defragdefragment media
dirlist directory content
diskcompcompare the content of two floppy disks
diskcopycopy floppy disc to another one
diskpartvolume management
driverquerydisplay installed devices and their properties
echotext output
erase / deldelete one or more files
exitexits the command prompt or a batch file
expandextract files
fccompare files and display the differences
findfind files
forfor loop
formatformat volumes
ftptransfer files to an FTP server
ftypedisplay file type and mapping
getmacdisplay MAC address
gpresultdisplay group policies
gpupdateupdate group policies
hostnamedisplay host name
ipconfigdisplay IP network settings
labelchange volume name
mkdircreate a new directory
modeconfigure interfaces/devices
mountvolassign/delete drive mount points
movemove/rename files
netshconfigure/control/display network components
netstatdisplay TCP/IP connections and status
nslookupquery the DNS
pathpingtest the connection to a specific IP address
pausepauses the execution of a batch file and shows a message
perfmonstart performance monitor
pingpings the network
promptchange command prompt
regadd/read/import/export registry entries
renamerename files
replacereplace files
rmdir / rddelete directory
routedisplay network routing table, add static routes
runasstart a program as another user
shutdownshutdown the computer
sortsort the screen output
startstart your own window to execute a program or command
systeminfodisplays computer-specific properties and configurations
taskkillterminate a process or an application
tasklistdisplay applications and related tasks
telnetestablish Telnet connection
tftptransfer files to a TFTP server
timedisplay/edit the system time
timeoutwait any time
titleset title for prompt
tracerttraceroutes similar to patching
treedisplay folder structure graphically
typedisplay content of text files
verdisplay operating system version
verifymonitoring whether volumes are written correctly
volshow volume description and serial numbers of the HDDs
w32tmsetting time synchronisation/time server/time zone
All CMD Command-List

CMD is used as an acronym to represent Command Prompt. now you might have got some idea about the abbreviation, acronym, Full form, and meaning of CMD. But, There Are some Most Using Full-Form and meaning of CMD acronyms and abbreviations listed in different categories below the table.

TermsFull Forms
CMDCertified Marketing Director
Business » Occupation & Positions
CMDCruise Missile Defense
Governmental » Defense
CMDComputer Molecular Dynamics
Academic & Science » Chemistry
Military » Defense
CMDCapital Market Data
Miscellaneous » Business
CMDCall Me D*ckhead
Internet » Chat
CMDControl and Monitoring Display
Computing » Networking
CMDcraniometaphyseal dysplasia
Medical » British Medicine
CMDColor Monitor Display
Governmental » Defense
CMDCitrix Managed Desktops
Computing » IT
CMDCross Machine Direction
Business » Products
CMDCertified Medical Director
CMDCommand file
Computing » File Extensions
CMDCircuit Mode Data
Computing » IT
CMDChief Medical Director
Medical » British Medicine
CMDCommand Prompt
Computing » Technology
CMDChief Medical Director
Medical » British Medicine
Meaning and full form of CMD

What is the FAQs and the meaning of CMD?

In the above article, we have discussed all the Full Forms of CMD, their meaning, and their definition. Now we are going to discuss some FAQs that are frequently asked on the internet. So there are many FAQs on What does CMD means. let’s explore some of them.

  1. What is the full form of CMD in medical terms?

    The Full Form of CMD is Chief Medical Director | craniometaphyseal dysplasia | Certified Medical Director etc. The Definition of CMD and all possible meanings are given above, You might also like some similar terms related to CMD.

  2. What does CMD stand for Computing networking?

    CMD stands for Control and Monitoring Display. But there may be more than one meaning of CMD, so check out all meanings of CMD in the Above post section.

  3. What does CMD mean in business?

    CMD is an acronym that means Certified Marketing Director. you can read Most used CMD Full Form Meaning. check out related information in the above section.

  4. What is the CMD Meaning in Hindi

    The CMD meaning in Hindi is Command Prompt. It may be more than one Meaning of CMD so check out one by one in the above section.

  5. CMD ka full form in Hindi

    CMD ka full form in Hindi is Command Prompt. It has many other Full Forms there are listed Above.

  6. What is the Full Form of CMD in defense?

    CMD is an acronym for Cruise Missile Defense. The Definition & Meaning of CMD in Different Categories discussed above.

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