List of All Chemistry Chemical compounds formula, common name, and uses

Chemistry is the study of matter In which we read about elements, atoms, molecules, chemical formulas,s and also their characteristics, composition, changes, and interactions. When two or more elements are joined by chemical bonds in a certain proportion according to the mass, the substance which is formed is called a chemical compound.

An example of a chemical compound is water, which is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. similarly, common salt, sulfuric acid, etc. are chemical compounds. well, in the belove section a complete list of All Chemical compounds formula full forms, their common name, and common Chemical compounds uses.

Common NameChemical FormulaChemical Compounds/ElementsApplications
LimestoneCaCO3Calcium carbonateIt is used as a building material.
ChloroformCHCI3Trichloromethaneused as a common food preservative.
Baking SodaNaHCO3Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate or Sodium bicarbonateIt is used as an ingredient in baking.
Wintergreen oilC8H8O3Methyl salicylateused for the manufacture of pulp and paper alumina soap and detergents.
PhosgeneCOCl2Carbonyl dichlorideIt is used to make plastics and pesticides.
Hypo SolutionNa2S2O3.5H2OSodium Thiosulphate pentahydrateIt is used for both film and photographic paper processing.
Muriatic acidHCIHydrochloric acidIt is used as a food additive
and in gelatin production Leather processing etc.
White VitriolZnSO4.7H2OZinc SulphateIt is used for preserving skins and wood.
Dry IceCO2Solid carbon dioxideIt is used to preserve food.
Freon-12/CFC-12CCl2F2DichlorodifluoromethaneIt is used as a refrigerant in refrigerators and air conditioners.
Bleaching PowderCaOCl2Calcium OxychlorideIt is used as a bleaching agent and disinfectant.
Methyl ethyl ketone/ ButanoneC4H8OButan-2-oneIt is mainly used in paint formation.
DolomiteCaMg(CO3)2Calcium magnesium carbonateIt is used as an ingredient in the production of glass bricks and ceramics.
CarborundumSiCSilicon carbideIt is used in automotive brakes and clutches.
Oil of VitriolH2SO4Sulphuric acidIt is used for making fertilizer.
Glauber’s SaltNa2 SO4.10H2OSodium sulphate decahydrateIt is used in medicine and as a dyeing agent.
QuickSilverHgMercuryIt is used in thermometers thermostats barometers
Heavy waterD2ODeuterium OxideIt is used in nuclear reactors as a neutron moderator.
GalenaPbSLead (ll) sulphideIt is also used in a green glaze applied to pottery.
Aqua Fortis/ Spirit of NiterHNO3Nitric acidIt is used for the production of explosives and fertilizers.
HematiteFe2O3Iron (lll) Oxide/ Ferric OxideIt is used to produce pigments preparations for heavy media separation radiation shielding etc.
GlycerolC3H8O3Propane-123-triolIt is used in the food and skincare industry.
Potash Alum/Potassium AlumKAl(SO4)2·12H2OPotassium aluminum sulphate dodecahydrateIt is commonly used in water purification leather tanning dyeing.
Slaked LimeCa(OH)2Calcium HydroxideIt is used in mortars plasters and cement.
Quick Lime/ Burnt LimeCaOCalcium OxideIt is used in the production of iron and steel paper and pulp and in the treatment of water.
TNTC6H2(NO2)3CH3TrinitrotolueneIt is used in Army shells bombs and grenades.
QuartzSiO2Silicon dioxide (Silica)It is used as an oscillator in radios watches.
Chile SaltpetreNaNO3Sodium NitrateIt is used for making high-strength glasses fertilizers and explosives.
Mohr’s Salt(NH4)2Fe(SO4)2 · 6H2OAmmonium iron (II) sulphateIt is used to increase the shelf life of iron and reduce oxidation.
Caustic potashKOHPotassium hydroxideIt is used in liquid fertilizers potassium soaps and detergents.
Carbolic Acid/ Hydroxybenzene/ Phenic AcidC6H5OHPhenolIt is used as a disinfectant in household cleaners.
Marsh GasCH4MethaneIt is poisonous gas mainly found in mines.
BoraxNa2[B4O5(OH)4].8H2OSodium tetraborate decahydrate/ Sodium BorateIt is used in laundry detergent.
Sal ammoniacNH4CIAmmonium chlorideIt is used as a cleaning agent in several industrial processes.
Milk of magnesiaMg(OH)2Magnesium hydroxideIt is used as an antacid to relieve indigestion sour stomach and heartburn.
Antiformin / Bleach / Chloride of SodaNaOCI/NaClOSodium hypochloriteIt is used on a large scale for surface purification bleaching odor removal and water disinfection.
Vermilion / CinnabarHgSMercuric sulphideIt is used as a pigment and carved into jewelry and ornaments.
Litharge(Red) and Massicot (Yellow)PbOLead (ll) Oxide/ Lead MonoxideIt is used in the manufacture of Lead Stabilizers pottery Lead glass paints enamels and inks.
Rochelle SaltKNaC4H4O6.4H2OPotassium sodium tartrateIt is used in the manufacturing of pectins and gelatines.
Epsom saltMgSO4.7H2OMagnesium sulphate heptahydrateIt is known to relieve pain and inflammation.
Table Salt/Common SaltNaCISodium chlorideIt is commonly used as a condiment and food preservative.
Washing SodaNa2CO3. 10H2OSodium carbonate decahydrateIt is used in commercial detergent mixtures to treat hard water.
2-propanol/Propan-2-ol(CH3)2CHOHIsopropyl alcoholIt is used to treat tremors chest pain hypertension heart rhythm disorders and other heart or circulatory conditions.
Green VitriolFeSO4. 7H2OFerrous sulfate heptahydrateIt is used in sewage and water treatment and as a pigment fertilizer.
Cream of tartarKC4H5O6Potassium hydrogen tartrate/ potassium bitartrateIt is used in bakeries to stabilize egg whites.
Blue VitriolCuSO4.xH2OCopper SulphateIt is used to control fungus and algae.
GypsumCaSO4.2H2OCalcium sulfate dihydrateIt is used to manufacture drywall.
Lye/ Caustic sodaNaOHSodium hydroxideIt is used in the manufacture of pulp and paper alumina soap and detergents.
Slaked LimeCa(OH)2Calcium hydroxideIt is used to form mortars plasters and cement.
CalomelHg2CI2Mercurous chlorideIt is used as a fungicide and formerly in medicine as a purgative.
Plaster of ParisCaSO4.1/2H2OCalcium sulfate hemihydrateIt is used as a protective coating on walls and ceilings.
SaltpeterKNO3Potassium nitrateIt is used as a common food preservative.
Laughing gasN2ODinitrogen monoxide / Nitrous OxideIt is used by dentists.
Chemistry Formulas name and uses list

Important Chemical Compounds List and their Formulas

We use many chemical substances in our daily life. When we study the science of chemistry, we read the names of different elements, instead of writing the names of these elements, their symbol is used as if we have to write oxygen, then we write, similarly, we represent silver in this way. It was developed by the German scientist Berzelius. well here are the A to z Chemical Compounds List and their Formulas pdf.

Chemical CompoundsFormulas
Acetic acidCH3COOH
Aluminium hydroxideAl(OH)3
Aluminium sulfateAl2(SO4)3
Aluminium SulfateAl2(SO4)3
Aluminum bromideAlBr3
Aluminum fluorideAlF3
Aluminum oxideAl2O3
Aluminum phosphateAlPO4
Aluminum sulfideAl2S3
Ammonium acetateC2H3O2NH4
Ammonium bicarbonateNH4HCO3
Ammonium bromideNH4Br
Ammonium carbonate(NH4)2CO3
Ammonium chlorideNH4Cl
Ammonium hydroxideNH4OH
Ammonium iodideNH4I
Ammonium nitrateNH4NO3
Ammonium nitrateNH4NO3
Ammonium nitrate(NH4)(NO3)
Ammonium nitriteNH4NO2
Ammonium oxide(NH4)2O
Ammonium persulfate(NH4)2S2O8
Ammonium phosphate(NH4)3PO4
Ammonium phosphate(NH4)3PO4
Ammonium sulfate(NH4)2SO4
Ammonium sulfate(NH4)2SO4
Argon gasAr
Ascorbic acidC6H8O6
Barium bromideBaBr2
Barium carbonateBaCO3
Barium chlorideBaCl2
Barium fluorideBaF2
Barium hydroxideBa(OH)2
Barium iodideBaI2
Barium nitrateBa(NO3)2
Barium oxideBaO
Barium sulfateBaSO4
Benzoic acidC7H6O2
Boric acidH3BO3
Bromothymol BlueC27H28Br2O5S
Butanoic acidC4H8O2
Calcium acetateC4H6O4Ca
Calcium CarbideCaC2
Calcium carbonateCaCO3
Calcium ChlorideCaCl2
Calcium hydrideCaH2
Calcium hydroxideCa(OH)2
Calcium iodideCaI2
Calcium nitrateCa(NO3)2
Calcium nitrateCa(NO3)2
Calcium oxideCaO
Calcium phosphateCa3(PO4)2
Carbon DisulfideCS2
Carbon monoxideCO
Carbon monoxideCO
Carbon tetrachlorideCCl4
Carbon tetrachlorideCCl4
Carbonic acidH2CO3
Carbonic acidH2CO3
Carbonic acidH2CO3
Chlorine gasCl2
Chlorine TrifluorideClF3
Chloroacetic acidC2H3O2Cl
Chromic acidH2CrO4
Chromic OxideCr2O3
Citric acidC6H8O7
Citric acidC6H8O7
Copper (II) chlorideCuCl2
Copper HydroxideCu(OH)2
Copper ii carbonateCuCO3
Copper sulfateCuSO4
Copper(I) OxideCu2O
Diatomic BromineBr2
Dihydrogen monoxideOH2
Dimethyl sulfoxideC2H6OS
Dimethyl sulfoxideC2H6OS
Dimethyl sulfoxideC2H6OS
Dinitrogen monoxideN2O
Dinitrogen PentoxideN2O5
Dinitrogen trioxideN2O3
Dipotassium PhosphateK2HPO4
Ethylene glycolC2H6O2
Formic AcidHCOOH
Hydrobromic acidHBr
Hydrochloric acidHCl
Hydrocyanic acidHCN
Hydrocyanic acidHCN
Hydrogen peroxideH2O2
Hydrogen sulfateHSO4–
Hydroiodic acidHI
Hydroiodic acidHI
Hypobromous acidHBrO
Hypochlorous acidHClO
Hypochlorous acidHClO
Hypoiodous acidHIO
Iron iii oxideFe2O3
Iron oxideFe2O3
Lactic acidC3H6O3
Lead (IV) oxidePbO2
Lead AcetatePb(C2H3O2)2
Lead ii acetatePb(C2H3O2)2
Lead iodidePbI2
Lithium bromideLiBr
Lithium BromideLiBr
Lithium chlorideLiCl
Lithium hydroxideLiOH
Lithium iodideLiI
Lithium oxideLi2O
Lithium phosphateLi3PO4
Magnesium carbonateMgCO3
Magnesium carbonateMgCO3
Magnesium chlorideMgCl2
Magnesium hydroxideMg(OH)2
Magnesium hydroxideMg(OH)2
Magnesium iodideMgI2
Magnesium nitrateMg(NO3)2
Magnesium oxideMgO
Magnesium phosphateMg3(PO4)2
Magnesium phosphateMg3(PO4)2
Magnesium sulfateMgSO4
Magnesium sulfideMgS
Maleic acidC4H4O4
Manganese dioxideMnO2
Mercuric chlorideHgCl2
Methyl acetateC3H6O2
Methyl Ethyl KetoneC4H8O
Methylene blueC16H18ClN3S
Monopotassium PhosphateKH2PO4
Monosodium GlutamateC5H8NO4Na
Nickel acetateC4H8O4Ni
Nickel nitrateNi(NO3)2
Nickel sulfateNiSO4
Nitric acidHNO3
Nitrogen dioxideNO2
Nitrogen dioxideNO2
Nitrogen monoxideNO
Nitrous acidHNO2
Nitrous acidHNO2
Oxalic acidH2C2O4
Para dichlorobenzeneC6H4Cl2
Perchloric acidHClO4
Peroxydisulfuric AcidH2S2O8
Phosphate ionPO43-
Phosphoric acidH3PO4
Phosphoric acidH3PO4
Phosphorous AcidH3PO3
Phosphorus pentachloridePCl5
Phosphorus TrichloridePCl3
Phosphorus TriiodidePI3
Polyurethane FoamC27H36N2O10
Potassium acetateCH3CO2K
Potassium bicarbonateKHCO3
Potassium BromideKBr
Potassium carbonateK2CO3
Potassium carbonateK2CO3
Potassium chlorateKClO3
Potassium chlorideKCl
Potassium chlorideKCl
Potassium chromateCrK2O4
Potassium cyanideKCN
Potassium dichromateK2Cr2O7
Potassium FerrocyanideK4Fe(CN)6
Potassium fluorideKF
Potassium hydroxideKOH
Potassium hydroxideKOH
Potassium hypochloriteKClO
Potassium IodateKIO3
Potassium iodideKI
Potassium iodideKI
Potassium nitrateKNO3
Potassium nitrateKNO3
Potassium nitrateKNO3
Potassium nitriteKNO2
Potassium oxideK2O
Potassium phosphateKH2PO4
Potassium sulfiteK2SO3
Potassium ThiocyanateKSCN
Salicylic AcidC7H6O3
Salicylic acidC7H6O3
Silicon dioxideSiO2
Silver acetateAgC2H3O2
Silver carbonateAg2CO3
Silver chlorideAgCl
Silver nitrateAgNO3
Silver oxideAg2O
Silver phosphateAg3PO4
Sodium acetateC2H3NaO2
Sodium bicarbonateNaHCO3
Sodium bisulfateNaHSO4
Sodium borateNa2[B4O5(OH)4]·8H2O
Sodium bromideNaBr
Sodium carbonateNa2CO3
Sodium carbonateNa2CO3
Sodium carbonateNa2CO3
Sodium ChlorateNaClO3
Sodium chlorideNaCl
Sodium chromateNa2CrO4
Sodium citrateNa3C6H5O7
Sodium cyanideNaCN
Sodium dichromateNa2Cr2O7
Sodium fluorideNaF
Sodium hydroxideNaOH
Sodium hypochloriteNaClO
Sodium HypochloriteNaClO
Sodium iodideNaI
Sodium metabisulfiteNa2S2O5
Sodium nitrateNaNO3
Sodium nitrateNaNO3
Sodium nitrideNa3N
Sodium nitriteNaNO2
Sodium oxideNa2O
Sodium oxideNa2O
Sodium PercarbonateC2H6Na4O12
Sodium PercarbonateC2H6Na4O12
Sodium peroxideNa2O2
Sodium phosphateNa3PO4
Sodium potassium tartrateC4H4O6KNa·4H2O
Sodium silicate(Na2O)x·SiO2
Sodium sulfateNa2SO4
Sodium sulfideNa2S
Sodium sulfiteNa2SO3
Sodium ThiosulfateNa2S2O3
Stearic acidC18H36O2
Strontium chlorideSrCl2
Strontium nitrateSr(NO3)2
Sulfate ionSO42−
Sulfur dioxideSO2
Sulfur HexafluorideSF6
Sulfur trioxideSO3
Sulfuric acidH2SO4
Sulfuric acidH2SO4
Sulfurous acidH2SO3
Sulfurous AcidH2SO3
Tannic acidC76H52O46
Tartaric acidC4H6O6
Tin (II) chlorideSnCl2
Tin OxideSnO2
Titanium dioxideTiO2
Trichloroacetic acidC2HCl3O2
Xenon DifluorideXeF2
Zinc acetateZn(CH3COO)2(H2O)2
Zinc carbonateZnCO3
Zinc chlorideZnCl2
Zinc hydroxideZn(OH)2
Zinc iodideZnI2
Zinc nitrateZn(NO3)2
Zinc phosphateZn3(PO4)2
Zinc sulfateZnSO4
Zinc sulfideZnS