Champagne confetti Meaning, Definition & Synonyms

Meaning & Definition of Champagne Confetti

Meaning: Champagne confetti refers to tiny decorative pieces or shreds of material, often in gold or champagne hues, used for celebrations, parties, or events.

pronunciation of Champagne confetti

Pronunciation: [sham-peyn kuhn-fet-ee]

Synonymy: Synonyms for champagne confetti could include “party confetti,” “celebration shreds,” or “festive decorations.”

Antonyms: Antonyms for champagne confetti could include “plain paper,” “unadorned material,” or “lack of decoration.”

Examples of Champagne confetti in a Sentence

At the New Year’s Eve party, the room was adorned with champagne confetti, glittering in the light and adding to the festive atmosphere.”