What is CFL Full Form, Meaning, And Definition

On this page, We are going to learn about the full form of CFL and the meaning of CFL, As well as the meaning, definition, abbreviation, and acronym for CFL in different categories. So you should read this post till the end.

The Full Form of CFL: Compact Fluorescent Lamp

CFL stands for Compact Fluorescent Lamp. CFLs are energy-saving lamps that use less power than traditional incandescent bulbs. CFL  is made up of a glass tube and two electrodes. The glass tube is made of argon gas and mercury vapor and has a phosphor coating on the inside.

The CFL bulb is filled with a substance called fluorescent. It is also called Energy Saving Light and Compact Fluorescent Tube. CFL bulb contains Argon, it takes a little more energy than LED.

Who is the inventor of CFL

The CFL was invented by Peter Cooper Hewitt in 1890. Fluorescent Light Bulb was introduced in 1939 for domestic use. The CFL was made circular and U-shaped to reduce the length of the fluorescent light. in the current time, there are different types of CFLs are invented these are following

  • Globe CFL Bulbs
  • Spiral CFL Bulbs
  • Post CFL Bulbs
  • Candle-Shaped CFL Bulbs
  • Incandescent Shaped CFL Bulbs
  • Circular CFL Bulbs
  • Reflector CFL Bulbs
  • Tube CFL Bulbs

Some Other Meaning of CFL

CFLCyprus Fantasy League
CFLCentral Florida Lan
CFLCentral Federal Lands
Governmental – US Government
CFLIntel Coffee Lake
Computing – IT
CFLCargo Force Limited (UK)
Business – Companies & Firms
CFLCampbell Football League
Sports – Football
CFLChina Facelift
Miscellaneous – Automotive
CFLCarrozzeria Francis Lombardi
Miscellaneous – Automotive
CFLContingency planning Facilities List
Governmental – Military
CFLCentral FLorida
Regional – States
CFLCincinnati Feels Lousy
CFLCommon Feed List
Computing – IT
CFLCarbon Fibre Look
CFLCorel Flowchart
Computing – IT
CFLCompact Fluorescent Lightbulbs
CFLCannabis Free League
CFLCompact Flurocent Lamps
CFLCompact Fluorescent Lightbulb
CFLComment For link
Internet – Chat
CFLConsolidated Forensic Laboratory
Medical – Laboratory
CFLCentral Freight Lines
Governmental – Transportation
CFLCritical Field Line
CFLCorelFLOW Chart
Computing – File Extensions
CFLCanceled Fun League
CFLCease Fire Line
Governmental – Military
CFLCoordinated Fire Line
Governmental – Military
CFLCommit For Life
CFLCash For Life
CFLChicago Federation of Labor
Community – Unions
CFLChrist For Life
Community – Religion
CFLCarburetor Float
Miscellaneous – Automotive
CFLCalifornia Finance Lender
Business – Banking
CFLCanadian Football League
Sports – Football
CFLCompact Fluorescent Lamp
Education – Electronics
CFLCounty Fiscal Letter
Regional – Counties
CFLConstructed Facilities Lab
CFLCompact Florescent Light
CFLCompact Fluorescent Light
Business – Products
CFLClient For Life
Business – General Business
CFLCertified Freight Logistics
Business – Logistics
CFLCentre For Learning
Community – Educational
CFLCanada Feeder Lines
Regional – Canadian
CFLCourant Friedrichs Lewy
CFLChemin de fer Lanaudière
Regional – Railroads
CFLContains Foul Language
Film Censorship
CFLContext Free Language
Computing – General Computing
CFLCouncil of Federal Libraries
Education – Libraries
CFLComputers For Learning
Governmental – Military
CFLCompact Florescent Lamp