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What is BCR Full Form?

BCR in computer : Bar Code Reader

BCR Stands for Bar Code Reader in the computer input devices. Barcodes are a combination of black and white lines. These lines store numbers and data, which can be easily read with a barcode scanner. And that data can be easily entered into the computer.

What is Bar code reder

This is a machine-readable code, which is in the format of numbers and lines, these lines are mainly parallel and it is printed on any product.

Barcode Systems prove to be very helpful in any business. With the help of these big companies can level and track the prices and stocks of their products. Mostly it is used by the company to increase its productivity and efficiency in its Computer Centralized System.

History and Invention of Bar Code Reader

The Barcode was invented in 1949. When Joseph Woodland, who was a Mechanical Engineer, first-time developed some parallel lines at Drexel University which were very similar to Morse Code.

The owner of a shop had asked the Dean of Drexel University to design a system so that Grocery Checkout could be done automatically.

While looking for a solution to this problem, both of them first invented Barcode. Due to which a patent was made in his name in 1952. He named his method “Classifying Apparatus and Method”.

Gradually people liked this new technology very much. Inspired by which many companies worked on Barcode Technology. But the biggest achievement came when the National Association of Food Chains (NAFC) used this technology in an automated checkout system in 1966.

In 1970, NAFC established the U.S Supermarket Ad Hoc Committee keeping in mind the Uniform Grocery Product Code. In which 11 digit code has been standardized to identify any product.

In Troy, Ohio, the first barcode was scanned for the first time on 26th June 1974. In the present time, there have been many changes in the technology of Barcode and new features have also been added.

Whats is main Uses of BCR (Barcode reader)

Initially, barcodes were utilized for groceries. However, barcodes are now utilized in practically every product. Barcodes are used to generate unique product names. Apart from this, we use Barcode in many places.

  • In electronic record storage and retrieval.
  • To prevent anti-counterfeiting and expiring systems in medicine manufacturing.
  • It is used in the Movement of Products supply chain.
  • It is used in Consumer Retail Goods.
  • Barcode saves time.
  • To identify the product to the computer system
  • To track Speed ​​Post in Postal Office.
  • For Asset Tracking System in schools, colleges, hospitals where check-in / check out system
  • With the help of barcode, we can know about the complete company of that product.
  • In Coupons, Gift Cards, Driving License, Package Tracking
  • Access Control of all things like buildings, events, concerts, trains, ships, planes etc where barcode is used a lot in the movement.
Business Card Reader

The Full Form of BCR is Business Card Reader. It Means BCR stands for “Business Card Reader”. But we have a question what is BCR?

Business Card Reader (BCR) is a scanner that is used to scan the business cards of the users into their computer for digital storage. working principle of BCR as same OCR because it also converting text on the business card into typed text on the computer.

Benefit-Cost Ratio

BCR Full Form in Finance is Benefit-Cost Ratio. BCR meaning in finance term is used for cost-benefit analysis between relative costs and benefits of a proposed project. in the case of BCR greater than 1.0 then it is a positive sign for net present value to a firm and its investors.

As BCR is an acronym so it has many full forms in different categories. BCR has many Full-Forms listed in different categories below the table. Let’s Learn the BCR Full Form in English.

BCR AcronymsBCR Full Form
BCRBar Chart Report
Governmental – NASA
BCRBunch Counter Reset
Computing – Assembly
BCRBenefit-Cost Ratio
Business – General Business
BCRBudget Control Report
Business – International Business
BCRBus Control Register
Computing – IT
BCRThe Bay City Rollers
Community – News & Media
BCRBaseline Comparison Report
Computing – General Computing
BCRBoulder County Raised
Regional – Counties
BCRBusiness Communications Review
Computing – IT
BCRBuilding Client Relations
Business – General Business
BCRByte Count Register
Computing – IT
BCRB Cell Receptor
Medical – Human Genome
BCRBackspace Card Reader
Computing – Assembly
BCRBaseline Change Request
Governmental – Military
BCRBreakpoint Cluster Region
Academic & Science – Mathematics
BCRBenefits to Costs Ratio
Business – General Business
BCRBrew Crew Racing
Business – Companies & Firms
BCRBlack Crack Review
Miscellaneous » Funnies
BCRBank Credit Report
Business – Accounting
BCRBusiness Core Requirements
Business – General Business
BCRBowers Cult Regular
Miscellaneous – Funnies
BCRBattlefield Communications Review
Governmental – Military

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