What is APK Full Form In Android & APK Meaning

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What is APK Full Form?

APK : Android Application Package

The Full Form of APK is Android Application Package or Android Application Kit.

APK is the package file format that is installed in the Android operating system. This is the compressed package kit of any Android mobile application. The .exe file is used to install the software in the computer system, in the same way, the software package installed in the mobile phone is called Android Package Kit (apk).

This is a type of file format installed in Android applications. Whenever we download an application from the Play Store for Android Apps, then this APK file is installed in the Android Operating System of our phone.

The developers compile the program while creating the Android application and compress all the code of the application into an APK file, and whenever a user downloads it and installs it in his Android phone, then the APK Extension File is uncompressed and works in the phone. Seems like. All the applications supported in Android have the same Extension APK.


MOD APK is also a type of Android application, which is made by some third-party developers in its coding. And it is downloaded illegally. Most of the MOD APK games are seen, in which all the levels are already unlocked. And all the resources used in the game are open

MOD APK can be downloaded from many websites and its purchase item can be used without paying any money. But such mod apk apps are prone to malware, which has a direct effect on the privacy of your phone. But under the security of Google, this mod application is not installed directly on your phone, for this, you have to check Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources. Only then you can install this third-party mod apk on your phone.

How to Install APK File in PC.

The computer supports the EXE file format, so the APK file cannot be installed on the PC. Still, many users want to use Android applications on laptops or computers. That’s why we use an android emulator to install and run APK files on PC.

Android Emulator is software with the help of which we can install APK file on PC, and use it easily. Below is a list of some of the Best Android Emulator For Windows, from which you can choose one.

As APK is an acronym so it has many full forms in different categories. Finally, the Most Using APK Full Forms Are. APK has many Full-Forms listed in different categories below the table. Let’s Learn the APK Full Form in English.

AcronymsFull-Form of APK
APKAmplitude Phase-Shift Keying
APKArmor Protection Kit
APKAccelerometer Package
APKAkademia Pana Klecksa
APKAlat perlengkapan kantor
APKAndroid Package Kit
APKAnimal Puzzle for Kids
APKApplied Physiology Kinesiology
APKAstronaut Preference Kit
APKAuthenticated public key

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