What is AOV Full Form, Meaning, And Definition

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The Full Form of AOV » Average Order Value

AOV Stands for Average Order Value. The AOV (Average Order Value) metric is a measurement of how much money each customer actually spends on the product.

The closer the AOV is to the break-even point, the better. AOV is a good indicator of how much a customer is actually spending on the product, and is a good proxy for whether a customer is profitable or not.

It is calculated as follows: average order value = total sales divided by total no. of orders. For example, your e-commerce website sales were $20000 and you had a total of 20 orders in a month.

AOV = $20000 / 20 = 1000 (So your store monthly AOV was $1000.)

The Full Form of AOV in VFX » Arbitrary Output Variable

AOV Stands for Arbitrary Output Variable. An “Arbitrary Output Variable” is a variable that is used to pass data between a calculation and its output. This behavior is often used in visual effects where a variable is used to control the size, color, or position of an object.

For example, an Arbitrary Output Variable could be used to control the size of an explosion by passing a value between the calculation and the output. This allows the visual effect to be controlled by the data, instead of being controlled by the programming logic.

Full Form of AOV in Photography » Angle of view

AOV Stands for Angle of view. The angle of view is the angle of view of a camera lens relative to the horizontal and the vertical. It is expressed as a range from 0 degrees to 360 degrees, with 0 degrees representing the narrowest angle of view and 360 degrees representing the broadest angle of view.

The angle of view of a lens is expressed as the angular distance from the lens’ center to the image’s apparent center.

The angle of view of a lens is often listed in the form of an angle of elevation and an angle of depression, with the angle of elevation representing the angle of view at the lens’ optimal focal length, and the angle of depression representing the angle of view at the shortest focal length of the lens.

Similar meaning of AOV

TermsFull Forms
AOVAngle of View
Photography and Imaging
AOVArtist On The Verge
AOVAverage Order Value
Business Accounting
AOVAtlantic Ocean Volcanism
AOVAgency Owned Vehicle
AOVArbitrary Output Variable
Maya Vfx
AOVApproaching Original Violence
AOVAir-Operated Valve