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The Full Form of AOP: Aspect-Oriented Programming

AOP stands for Aspect Oriented Programming. Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) is a programming paradigm that aims to increase the modularity of software by allowing programmers to define “aspects” or “concerns” that cut across multiple objects.

AOP is a relatively new technique, and it can be used to great effect in many different types of software projects. In particular, AOP can be used to simplify the design and implementation of cross-cutting concerns, such as security, logging, and transaction management.

AOP is complementary to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), and the two paradigms can be used together in software projects. In fact, many AOP frameworks (such as AspectJ) are designed to work with existing OOP code.

There are some of the most commonly used acronyms, abbreviations, full forms, and the AOP meaning are listed in different categories below the table.

TermsFull Form
AOPAcademic Orientation Program
Academic & Science
AOPAcknowledgment of Paternity
AOPAdd On Profile
AOPAdditive Operational Product
AOPAdvanced Oxidation Process
AOPAdvanced Oxidation Processes
AOPAlready Over Promised
AOPAngel Of Players
AOPAnnual Operational Plan
AOPApproved Operating Program
AOPArea of Practice
AOPArmy Order of Precedence
AOPAspect Oriented Programming
AOPAssociation of Persons
AOPAutonomous Object Platform
AOP Full Forms and meaning

AOP meaning and FAQs

What is the full form of AOP in accounting terms?

The Full Form of AOP is “Annual Operational Plan ” in the context of Accounting and banking terms. An annual operational plan is a document that outlines a company’s goals and objectives for the coming year. The plan includes a detailed budget and a timeline for achieving each goal. An annual operational plan is an important tool for keeping a business on track and ensuring that it meets its financial goals. the Definition of AOP and all possible meanings are given above, You might also like some similar terms related to AOP.

What is the meaning of AOP in finance?

The meaning of AOP is “Annual Operational Plan” in finance and banking. Check out all the meanings of AOP one by one, You might be searching for another term that is similar to AOP. since there may be more than one meaning of AOP.

What does AOP stand for in Income tax?

AOP stands for “Association of Persons ” in the terms of Income tax. AOP is also related to some other terms that you might like to know more about. so check out all meanings of AOP in the Above post section.

What does AOP mean in Marketing?

AOP means ” Area of Practice ” In the terms of Marketing. Earlier, we explained what does AOP means? you can read Most used AOP Full Form and Meaning. check-out related information in the above section.

What is the acronym of AOP in Business terms?

AOP is an acronym for “Area of Practice“. The Definition & Meaning of AOP in Different Categories discussed above.

what does the abbreviation AOP stand for Business?

The abbreviation of AOP represents ” Annual Operational Plan” in the terms of business. You can also know some Most Using Full-Form and The meaning of AOP in the above section

What is the AOP Meaning in Software

The AOP means” Aspect Oriented Programming ” in the terms of Computer Software. It may be more than one Meaning of AOP so check out one by one in the above section.

What is the AOP Full Form in Job terms

AOP is a term that stands for “Add On Profile” in the terms of job profile. It has many other Full Forms there are listed Above.