The Full Form of AHT Meaning, and Definition 

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The Full Form of AHT: Average Handle Time

AHT Stands for Average Handle Time. Average handle time (AHT) is a metric used to measure the efficiency of customer service agents. AHT is calculated by taking the average amount of time it takes an agent to handle a customer interaction from start to finish.

This AHT metric can be used to assess the productivity of individual agents as well as the customer service team as a whole. If you are a customer service manager, then tracking AHT is a critical part of your job

Advantage of AHT

Average Handle Time is a metric that is used to measure the average amount of time it takes for a customer service representative to handle a customer service interaction.

AHT metric is important because it can help businesses to measure the efficiency of their customer service team and identify areas where improvement is needed.

How to calculate AHT

There are a few different ways to calculate Average Handle Time, but the most common method is –

Total Talk Time + Total Hold Time + Total After-Call Tasks / Divide by The Number of Total Calls. This will give you the average amount of time that it takes to handle an interaction.

Example of average handle time (AHT)

Let’s understand an Example of average handle time (AHT) –

Total Talk Time:  7 days + 12 hours + 42 minutes + 112 seconds = 6,50,632 seconds
Total Hold Time: 2 day, 4 hours + 6 minutes + 74 seconds = 187 634 seconds
Total Wrap Time: 3 days, 6 hours + 8 minutes + 12 seconds = 281 292 seconds
Number of Calls Handled: 4012 calls

Average Handle Time = 650632 + 187634 + 281292 / 4012 = 279.05 Sec.

There are some of the most commonly used acronyms, abbreviations, full forms, and the AHT meaning are listed in different categories below the table.

TermsFull Forms
AHTAcoustical Hologram Technology
AHTAdvanced Heating Technologies
AHTAdventure Hiking Trail
Sports Hiking
AHTAnchor Handling Tugboats
Shipping & Sailing
AHTAnimal Health Trust
Medical Veterinary
AHTAssault heavy transport
Law & Legal
AHTAssistant Head Teacher
AHTAtm Header Translator
AHTAutonomous Haulage System Dump Truck
AHTAverage Handle Time
Unit Measures
AHTAverage Handling Time
AHTAverage Holding Time
AHT Meaning and full form