What is ABR Full Form And Meaning, Stands for & definition

Do you want to know what is the full form of ABR is? then you are on the Right Forum. Well In this post you will not only get the all possible ABR Full Form & Meaning. But also Get various possible acronyms, abbreviations, and “ABR Meaning” with definition. Not only this, but But you will also come to know what Does ABR stands for? & what is ABR meaning, So You should read this post till the last.

What is ABR Full Form And Meaning?

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ABR Stands for Average Bit Rate. Finally, you have got the answer to the question of “What is ABR”. Thus, ABR is an acronym. So it has many full forms in different categories. Finally, ABR has many Full-Forms listed in different categories below the table. Let’s Learn the ABR Full Form in English.


AcronymsFull form of ABR
ABRAbdominal Bowel Resection
ABRAbove Base Rate
ABRAbsolute Bed Rest
ABRAccrued Benefit Ratio
ABRAdaptive Bit Rate (computer streaming)
ABRAdditional Billet Requirements
ABRAdobe Brushes File
ABRAdolescent Birth Rate
ABRAdvanced Battery Research
ABRAdvanced Bit Rate
ABRAdvanced Breeder Reactor
ABRAero-Ballistic Rocket
ABRAfrican Business Roundtable
ABRAgreement Boat Repair
ABRAirborne Relay
ABRAlex Brown Racing
ABRAmerican Board of Radiology
ABRAmphibian Boat Reconnaissance
ABRAnaerobic Baffled Reactor
ABRAnnualized Base Rent
ABRAnswer Bit Ratio
ABRApplied Benefits Research
ABRApproved Budget Request
ABRArea Border Router
ABRAssociativity-Based Routing
ABRAttogen Biomedical Research
ABRAuditory Brain Stem Response
ABRAustralian Business Register
ABRAuto Busy Redial
ABRAutomatic Backup and Recovery
ABRAutomatic Baud Rate
ABRAutomatic Bios Recovery
ABRAutonomous Boundary Router
ABRAvailable Bit Rate
ABRAverage Bit Rate
ABRAverage Bit Rate (sound encoding)
ABRAverage Breath Rate
ABRAveraged Brainstem Response

FAQs About ABR Meaning

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In the above article, you have learned all About the Full Forms of ABR. Now we are going to discuss some FAQs that are frequently asked on the internet. So there are many FAQs on ABR let’s explore some of them.

  1. What is the full form of ABR Meaning?

    The meaning of ABR is – ” Average Bit Rate ” The Definition of ABR & Also all possible meaning is given above, so check out the related information above section.

  2. What does ABR stand for in Finance and business

    ABR stands for in Business Accounting and Business Research. But there may be more than one meaning of ABR, so check out all meanings of ABR in the Above post section.

  3. What does ABR mean In banking?

    ABR Full form In Banking: Activity Accounting Number. you can read Most used ABR Full Form Meaning. check out related information in the above section.

  4. What is the meaning of ABR in photoshop?

    The meaning of the ABR in photoshop is “Adobe PhotoShop BRush file“. to know more about it, check out the related information above section.

  5. Full Name of ABR In education?

    If you read this post till the end then you know the Full Name of ABR i education is Academic Bill of Rights. It has many other Full Forms there are listed Above.