Abandoned Meaning, Definition & Synonyms

Abandoned Meaning in English

Meaning 📖: something or someone that has been left behind, deserted, or forsaken, often implying neglect or disregard.

Definition✎: “Abandoned” refers to the state of being deserted or left without care or attention. It can be used to describe physical places, objects, or even people who have been left in a state of neglect or abandonment.

Pronunciation🗣: /əˈbændənd/ (uh-BAN-dund). The stress is typically on the second syllable, which sounds like “ban

Abandoned Synonyms

Synonyms for “abandoned” include:

  • Deserted,
  • Forsaken,
  • Neglected,
  • Discarded,
  • Relinquished,
  • Forgotten,
  • Isolated,
  • Alone, and
  • Vacant.

Abandoned Antonyms

Antonyms for “abandoned” include:

  • Attended,
  • Cared For,
  • Inhabited,
  • Maintained,
  • Occupied,
  • Protected,
  • Cherished, and
  • Nurtured.

Examples Use of Abandoned in a Sentence

  1. “The old, abandoned house at the end of the street was rumored to be haunted.”
  2. “The puppy was found abandoned on the side of the road, shivering and hungry.”
  3. “She felt abandoned and alone after her friends left without her.”
  4. “The project was abandoned due to lack of funding and interest.”
  5. “The once-thriving factory now sits in an abandoned state, covered in graffiti.”
  6. “Despite the abandoned look of the place, it held a certain eerie charm.”
  7. “The explorer discovered an abandoned village deep in the jungle.”
  8. “He felt abandoned by his teammates when they decided to go on without him.”