The Full Form of XXXX Meaning, and Definition 

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What is The Meaning of XXXX

XXXX Stands for a series of kisses. XXXX is not an Acronym, It is used to represent Love, and kisses at the end of written communications In Notes, letters, and text messages.

Actually, X is the symbol for a kiss. In the Middle Ages, people were not educated, so they used the letter X to sign any documents, they believed that the cross letter is a symbol of trust, love, and honesty.

Because the X looks like two puckered lips, it may have also been associated with kissing. In the 1700s, the letter X was used to symbolize a kiss in letters. On the other side,

In ancient times, the X symbolized the cross and Christ because it is related to the Chi-Rho, one of the most important Christian symbols.


FAQs and the meaning of XXXX?

What is the full form of XXXX in roman numeric?

The Full Form of XXXX is Roman Numeral 40. In the counting of roman numeric, X Represents the Number 10 So that, When we add 4X we get 40 The Definition of XXXX and all possible meanings are given above, You might also like some similar terms related to XXXX.

What does XXXX mean in chat?

In the terms of chat, XXXX means Symbolizing kisses at the end of written communications. you can read Most used XXXX Full Form Meaning. check out related information in the above section.