The Full Form of XLP Meaning, and Definition 

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The Full Form of XLP: X-linked Lymphoproliferative

XLP Stands for X-linked Lymphoproliferative. The X-linked lymphoproliferative disease is a rare, inherited disorder that affects the immune system. People with this condition are more susceptible to developing certain cancers, particularly lymphoma.

The X-linked lymphoproliferative disease is caused by a mutation in the SH2D1A gene. This gene provides instructions for making a protein that is involved in regulating the activity of immune cells. The mutation leads to the production of an abnormal protein that does not function properly.

The X-linked lymphoproliferative disease is inherited in an X-linked manner, which means that the mutated gene is located on the X chromosome. Because males have only one X chromosome, they are more likely to develop the disorder than females.

In most cases, the condition is passed down from an affected father to his daughters. However, it is also possible for a mother with the mutation to pass it on to her sons.

There is no cure for X-linked lymphoproliferative disease, but treatment can help manage the symptoms and reduce the risk of developing cancer.