What is TTE Full Form, Meaning, And Definition

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The Full Form of TTE: Travelling Ticket Examiner

TTE stands for Travelling Ticket Examiner. TTEs work under the Indian Railway Traffic Service and wear black coats while performing their duties of checking tickets on Indian Railways trains.

On long-distance trains, two to three compartments are assigned to different TTEs, while on short routes, one TTE covers the entire train, changing compartments at different stations.

TTEs ensure that all passengers have valid tickets and impose fines on those who travel without one. Checking tickets and imposing fines is their primary responsibility.

Difference between TTE and TC in the terms of railways

TTE stands for Travel Ticket Examiner, who is an employee of Indian Railways. Their main responsibility is to check the tickets of passengers traveling on trains, from premium trains to mail express trains. They verify the identity of passengers and check their ID and seat-related information. TTEs are easily recognizable as they wear black coats, and their badge clearly reads “TTE.” All of their work takes place inside the train.

Certainly! The roles of Ticket Collector (TC) and Ticket Examiner (TTE) involve ticket checking, but there are differences in their job responsibilities. TTEs check tickets inside the train, whereas TCs typically check tickets on the platform and at the station gates. So while TTEs move through the train to check tickets, TCs usually remain stationed at the platform or gates to check tickets as passengers board or exit the train.

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