What is TMC Full Form, Meaning, And Definition

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The Full Form of TMC: Thousand Million Cubic Feet

TMC stands for Thousand Million Cubic Feet. TMC is used as an acronym for the Liquid measurement unit to represent a Thousand Million Cubic.

Thousand Million Cubic (TMC) Feet is generally used to measure the amount of water stored in a reservoir It’s also used to gauge a dam’s intake and outflow.

in short, 1 TMC is equal to 2831 crore liters = 7478711000 gallons. generally, the TMC unit is used to measure the flow rate of water.

The Full Form of XXX in politics: TrinaMool Congress

XXX stands for TrinaMool Congress in politics in India. The Trinamool Congress is a Bengali nationalist political party in India founded by Mamata Banerjee in 1997. The party is based in West Bengal and is the ruling party in the state. It is also a part of the federal ruling coalition, the National Democratic Alliance.

The party’s primary focus is on issues affecting the state of West Bengal, especially the rural areas. The party also promotes Bengali culture and language.

The Trinamool Congress was formed after the Congress party’s decision to allow the formation of a separate state of West Bengal. Mamata Banerjee, who was then a member of the Congress party, left the party in protest and formed the Trinamool Congress.

The party has been very successful in state elections, winning the 2011 assembly elections with a landslide victory. The party is currently the second largest party in the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Indian parliament.

The Trinamool Congress is a strong supporter of the rights of farmers and workers. The party is also known for its anti-corruption stance. Mamata Banerjee, herself is a very popular leader and is known for her straightforward and down-to-earth style.