The Full Form of OPGW Meaning, and Definition 

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The Full Form of OPGW – Optical Ground Wire

OPGW Stands for Optical Ground Wire. The optical ground wire is a tubular structure, consisting of one or more optical fibers surrounded by layers of aluminum and steel wire.

It serves to connect the tower to the ground. I.E.E.E. Optical ground wire is also known as optical fiber composite overhead ground wire as per (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) standard.

It is a type of cable, which is used in overhead power lines to connect the functions of grounding and communication. The optical fiber within the cable is used for high-speed data telemetry between utilities and sold to third parties for high-speed fiber interconnection between cities.

what is the use of OPGW in transmission lines?

The optical ground wire is a cable that connects your optical fiber directly to your power supply, without using a traditional electrical ground. The benefit of using optical fiber ground wire is that it reduces the number of cables that need to be run inside your data center, allowing you to place cabling closer to the equipment it’s connecting.

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