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The Full Form of NAVIC: Navigation with Indian Constellation

NAVIC stands for Navigation with Indian Constellation. NavIC is India’s first indigenous location navigation system which works like GPS (Global Positioning System) of America, GLONASS of Russia, Galileo of Europe. After the success of IRNSS-1-I satellite, the country has also got its own GPS.

Before this, India will not have to depend on other countries for navigation systems and location mapping. It is notable that at the time of the Kargil infiltration, India could not detect infiltration from across the border in time due to the lack of such a system.

India had requested the US to help with the GPS system, but then the US refused. Since then the emphasis has been on the development of indigenous navigation satellite networks similar to GPS, And now India has achieved great success by developing it itself.

Applications of NavIC

Apart from military and diplomatic benefits, NavIC will also have many commercial and social benefits.

  • GPS facilities can be given to the neighboring countries so that the government can earn income by providing facilities like weather forecast, mapping to the neighboring countries.
  • Remote areas of the country can be monitored with the help of GPS.
  • Real time mapping of ongoing infrastructure projects in different areas of the country can be done.
  • GPS system will also have a good impact on road and rail traffic. By taking advance information about traffic jams on the road, alternate routes can be suggested and real time tracking of late running trains can be done.
  • Indian cargo ships plying long distances commercially will also benefit from this, as with the help of this the safer route can be selected first.
  • People buried under debris can be traced during disasters.

How NavIC works

  • NavIC’s satellites transmit signals on two microwave frequency bands, known as L5 and S.
  • It provides the facility of Standard Positioning Service and Restricted Service.
  • Its ‘Standard Positioning Service’ feature can tell the position of any person in any area in India.
  • It’s Restricted Service’ works to provide facilities for the army and important government offices.
  • Some ground facilities have to be restored for transmission of satellite ranging and monitoring, generation and navigation parameters. Such facilities are being set up at 18 places across the country.

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