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The Full Form of IMAX: Image MAXimum

IMAX stands for Image MAXimum. Nowadays movies are made digitally as well as traditionally made on celluloid film. And many movies are made in 3D. But many directors still make celluloid films. Like Christopher Nolan shot films like The Dark Knight, Interstellar, Dunkirk only on IMAX. In today’s digital film, 2K and 4K are very popular in theaters. Many types of quality are available in digital within 2K and 4K.

70 MM IMAX 3D Technology is the best. Each frame of IMAX is 70mm high and 48.5mm wide. Because of this, it is also called the film format of 15 X 70mm screen. The film made on this technique is of square shape, whose aspect ratio is 1.43 – 1. This film is of such a large size that 9 films of 35mm will fit together in this film. And 70mm film is ten times better quality than 35mm.

How Made IMAX Film

A special camera is used to shoot an IMAX movie. Shooting with an IMAX camera is very difficult, because the weight of an IMAX film camera is more than 100 kg, while the weight of a normal digital camera is about 20 kg. , And this camera also makes a lot of noise. It takes only a few minutes of recording.

it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to fit it. And now you must have understood that making an IMAX movie is a very difficult task. Its shooting is very difficult. And normal IMAX movie is not suited with IMAX camera.

Rather 35 Mm Digital is with software only.70 Mm is converted to IMAX. And there is no talk of original 70 Mm IMAX in it. Christopher Nolan is a big fan of IMAX. And he shot about 1 hour scene with IMAX camera in Interstellar movie movie. And it is very difficult to shoot on IMAX camera.

So it is a lot of fun to watch this film because all this film has been shot with IMAX camera only. So whenever you and it is not necessary that all the films were shot with IMAX cameras,

if you find 3D IMAX written on a poster, then that film may have been converted from 35MM to IMAX. But then it will not be such a good experience to see them and we will tell you one more thing. That there is not even a single IMAX theater camera in India yet but if you go to America. So there are more than 30 IMAX theaters.

Types of Imax Theaters

There are two types of Imax theatres. One is the normal Imax theater in which the seats are placed just below the screen and the projector is placed in the middle. In this, you do not see anything except the screen. When you watch the film, its experience is so great that you will feel that you are also a part of this film. If 3D technology is added to it, then it gives double the fun of watching the film. Because in 3D Technology, you have the experience of the field of depth, in which you feel that some things are far away and some very close, as well as its sound quality is also very good.

Another type of Imax theater is Digital Imax whose picture quality is better than 2K and 4K and its screen size is also very large. Digital IMAX is also called Lei IMAX. Its picture quality is slightly less than 70mm and if you get the same amount of money, then IMAX is very good out of these two.

IMAX 3D Technology Advantages

  • Its picture quality is very high and excellent.
  • Its sound quality is also better than normal.
  • The experience of watching a movie in IMAX is much better than normal.
  • When you watch any film in it, you start considering yourself a part of the film.

Other Acronyms, and meaning of IMAX

IMAXIMax CorporationNASDAQ Symbols
IMAXImage MAXimumNews & Media
IMAXHigh-definition Shuttle Cabin CameraNASA


What does IMAX stand for?

IMAX stands for “Image MAXimum “.

What is the meaning of IMAX in movie?

The meaning of IMAX is “Image MAXimum ” in the terms of movie.

What is the full form of IMAX in theatre?

The Full Form of IMAX is “Image MAXimum” in the context of theatre.

What does IMAX mean?

IMAX means “Image MAXimum “.

What is the IMAX Meaning?

The IMAX means “Image MAXimum “.

What is the IMAX Full Form in Film

IMAX is a term that stands for “Image MAXimum“.

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