The Full Form of i.e. Meaning, and Definition

On this page, We are going to learn about the full form of i.e. and the meaning of i.e., As well as the meaning, definition, and acronym for i.e. in different categories. So you should read this post till the end.

The Full Form of i.e.- Id est

i.e. Stands for Id est. i.e. is a Latin word that means “that is.” It is used to introduce a further explanation or contradiction. means To explain the meaning of something previously mentioned, or reiterate it. “i.e.” is a grammatical abbreviation that is frequently used in written and spoken language. The abbreviation “i.e.” is used to introduce a general statement that provides an example of the subject that was discussed in the preceding sentence.

In other words, the abbreviation “i.e.” is used to provide more detail about something that was mentioned earlier in the sentence or in a previous sentence. For example, if a sentence says “John is a man,” then the abbreviation “i.e.” can be used to provide more detail and say. Here are some examples of i.e. in Sentences

  • Only one superhero is my favorite, i.e., ironman I watched it 10 times.
  • She offers a drink i.e., a glass or a bottle
  • Smoking is harmful i.e., don’t smoke
  • I reached home late at night i.e., after curfew
  • There are two types of computer memory i.e., RAM or ROM
  • He suggests I go there i.e., to London by flight

How to use i.e. correctly in the sentence

  • Always write i.e. with lowercase letters.
  • Do not italicize i.e.
  • there is always place a comma immediately after the i.e.
  • But, don’t use commas when the abbreviation starts a sentence or The abbreviation is in the title

There are some of the most commonly used acronyms, abbreviations, full forms, and the i.e. meaning are listed in different categories below the table.

TermsFull Forms
IEInternet Explorer
Computing » Networking
IEIn Essence
Internet » Chat
IEInert Electrolyte
Academic » Chemistry
IEImport Export
Community » Conferences
IEIndustrial Engineering
Academic » Academic Degrees
IEInformation Exchange
Computing » Networking
IEInner ear
Medical » Physiology
IEInfective Endocarditis
Medical » Physiology
IEInterconnect Element
Computing » Networking
IEInternet Empire
Internet » Chat
IEInformation Engineering
Computing » General Computing
IEInformation Environment
Computing » General Computing
IEIncome & Expenditures
Business » Accounting
IEIonization Energy
Academic » Chemistry
IEInformation Electronics
Academic » Electronics
IEInformation Extraction
Computing » General Computing
i.e. Full form