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The Full Form of dopbnk: Department of Post Bank

dopbnk stands for Department of Post Bank. DOPBNK is a messaging system of the Postal Bank Department. Post office customers receive DOPBNK messages on their mobile numbers. These messages are confirmation messages for transactions done in his post office account.

DOP is a type of Indian bank which is also known as the Indian Postal Bank, DOP Bank comes under the Ministry Of Communication Department, Government of India.

If any Banking SMS is received on your mobile phone in the name of DOPBNK, then it is directly related to the Ministry of Communications, Government of India, which means that DOPBNK-SMS is not a fraudulent SMS.

Indian Postal Payments Bank is operated by the Government of India, this banking facility of Indian Post was started in 2017 under the Department of Posts, and 100% equity share of this bank is with Indian Government.

This Indian Post Office Bank was started to reduce the dependency on private banks in India, this bank’s slogan is “Aapka Bank, Aapke Dwar” efficiently using the already existing pan India infrastructure.

If you have availed the services of India Post Payments Bank then you may have received DOPBNK SMS as it provides many services like:-

  • National Savings Recurring Deposit Account
  • post office savings account
  • National Savings Fixed Deposit Account
  • public provident fund account
  • Senior Citizen Savings Scheme Account


This bank is the oldest bank in India, through this digital banking service, the Government of India provides banking facilities to the account holders of the bank in all the villages and towns of the country. This post bank department provides many financial services like money transfer, free netbanking facility, loan facility, bill payment facilities, insurance facility etc.

Now you must have understood one thing correctly DOPBNK Bank is not doing any fraud by sending SMS. Rather, through this SMS, we have to help people and provide useful information and services to them. Let us tell you that DOPBNK is also a certified organization working for the government.

How to see DOP SMS?

DOP works like an SMS sender, the SMS sent by it looks like the following, seeing which you can identify that it has been sent by DOP Bank (dopbnk)-


Meaning of DOPBNK

These messages are sent by the post bank department, seeing which you can understand that it is a dopbnk sms, and its format is exactly like this.

In earlier times there was no net banking option in post bank, but now gradually digital mode is being available in it. As an example, let us understand how this SMS comes.

If the SIM provider of your smartphone is Airtel, then the first letter of DOPBNK-SMS will start with A Letter, the second letter tells your location like if your location is Delhi then it will be D letter. After this there will be a (-) sign, after which it will look something like AD-DOPBNK.


What does dopbnk stand for?

dopbnk stands for “Department of Post Bank “.

What is the meaning of dopbnk?

The meaning of dopbnk is “Department of Post Bank “.

What is the full form of dopbnk?

The Full Form of dopbnk is “Department of Post Bank “.

What does dopbnk mean?

dopbnk means “Department of Post Bank “.

What is the dopbnk Meaning?

The dopbnk means “Department of Post Bank “.

What is the dopbnk Full Form in banking

The dopbnk Full Form is “Department of Post Bank” in the terms of banking.

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