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The Full Form of ASO: Assistant Section Officer

ASO stands for Assistant Section Officer. Assistant Section Officer (ASO) is a government job position in India, commonly associated with various administrative departments and ministries of the central government. it is a type of Group ‘B’ Non-Gazetted category of government jobs.

The recruitment of Assistant Section Officers is generally conducted through competitive examinations, most commonly by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) for ministries and departments under the Government of India.

Job Role of ASO

The roles and responsibilities of an Assistant Section Officer may include file management, data entry, maintaining records, preparing reports, drafting official correspondence, assisting higher authorities, and handling various administrative tasks as required by the respective department.

selection Process of Assistant Section Officer

Assistant Section Officer (ASO) is selected in various Ministries and Departments of the Central Government of India through the Combined Graduate Level (CGL) examination conducted by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC).

The selection process for ASO is conducted in a phased manner. This process goes through the following steps:

Tier-1 Exam: This exam is conducted in online mode, and questions are asked on subjects like General Awareness, English Language, Quantitative Mathematics, and General Studies.

Tier-2 Exam: This is also conducted online and consists of Mathematics and English language papers.

Tier-3 Exam: It is a conducted exam consisting of personal and negotiated written language.

Tier-4 Exam: In this stage, Computer Performance Test (CPT) or Typing Test is conducted, which tests computer data entry and/or typing on the computer.

On passing all these stages, successful candidates are recruited for the post of ASO. The post of ASO is included in the Group ‘B’ non-gazetted posts working in various departments of the Indian government and is considered a well-known and desirable post in government jobs.

Other Acronyms, and meanings of ASO

ASOAdministrative Services OrganizationGovernmental
ASOAnkara Sanayi OdasiInternational
ASOAddress Supporting OrganizationComputing
ASOAviation Safety OfficerGovernmental
ASOAlianza Sindical ObreraInternational
ASOAdministrative Services OnlyBusiness
ASOAstound Dynamite ObjectsComputing
ASOAdministrative Service OfficerGovernmental
ASOAnti Streptolysin OMedical
ASOAfter School OnlineCommunity
ASOAnvil Shaped ObjectGovernmental
ASOAutomatic ShutOffAcademic & Science
ASOAir Surveillance OfficerGovernmental
ASOAnti-Streptolysin O titerMedical
ASOAddress Space ObjectComputing
ASOArteriosclerosis ObliteransMedical
ASOAsosa, EthiopiaRegional
ASOActive Simulation ObjectComputing
ASOA Shot OfMiscellaneous
ASOApplication Service ObjectComputing

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What is the meaning of ASO in chat?

The meaning of ASO is “And So On” in terms of chat or text.

What does ASO stands for

ASO stands for “Assistant Section Officer “.

What is the full form of ASO?

The Full Form of ASO is “Assistant Section Officer “.

What does ASO mean?

ASO means “Assistant Section Officer “.

What is the ASO Meaning?

The ASO means “Assistant Section Officer “.

What is the ASO Full Form in government

The ASO Full Form is “Assistant Section Officer” in the context of government.

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