Full-Form of AM and PM, Meaning And Definition

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Full Form of AM » Ante Meridian

Am Stand for Ante Meridian ( From midnight (12:00) to noon (11:59). AM is a Latin word that denotes time. Which is made up of two words Ante and Meridiem, in which Ante means “before” and Meridiem means “afternoon”. Am ( Ante Meridian ) Is represents Time From midnight (12:00) to noon (11:59.

For example: If your boss said to u that he will call u at 4 O’clock. it may be confusing that it is 4 O’clock in the Evening time or 6 O’clock in the Morning time. Thus, AM and PM help to define Morning or Evening time schedules. one more thing is that AM and PM are being used in Only a 12-hour clock system.

Full Form of PM » Post Meridiann

PM Stands For Post Meridian (from noon (12:00) to just before midnight (11:59). PM Stands for Post Meridiem It is a also Latin word. Which is made up of two words Post and Meridiem, in which Post means “after” and Meridiem means “afternoon”. PM Is represent Time from noon (12:00) to just before midnight (11:59)

When do you ask “What is the meaning of AM and PM” then the answer is Am Means midnight (12:00) to noon (11:59) and PM Is represent Time from noon (12:00) to just before midnight (11:59).

What is AM and PM in Time?

AM and PM both terms are used for time. there are 24 hours in 1 day. These 24 hours are divided into two parts 12 – 12 hours. The first part is from 12 midnight to 12 noon and the second part is from 12 noon to 12 midnight

DefinitionAnte MeridiemPost Meridiem
Latin MeaningBefore MiddayAfter Midday
SchedulesFrom Midnight to NoonFrom Noon to Midnight

The first part of the day is the time from midnight to 12 noon in Hindi, we call it Purvahan, in the English language we call it Before noon. And this is what we call AM or Ante Meridiem in the Latin language.

Similarly, in the second part of the day from 12 noon to 12 midnight, we call it in Hindi as Aprahan, this is what we call Afternoon in the English language. And this is what we call PM or Post Meridiem in the Latin language.


What does Am and Pm stand for?

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